Travel Backpack Opens Like Suitcase : 5 Cool Travel Bags You’ll Ever Want – Must Watch

Travel Backpack Opens Like Suitcase Video

Travel Backpack Opens Like Suitcase

5 Cool Travel Bags You’ll Ever Want – Must Watch

5 Cool Travel Bags You’ll Ever Want - Must Watch

++ 5 Cool Travel Bags You’ll Ever Want ++

More info :

1) PAKT One :

2) Lifepack :

3) Bag A10 :

4) Super Bag Pro :

5) Tech Backpack with Shelf & Drawer System :



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  1. Please do not buy the Bento Bag. #NomadLane is an unethical company. They are telling #Indiegogo they have refunded my contribution however they have not done so. By telling Indiegogo that they have refunded me, I cannot place comments on their campaign page because only contributors can comment. Also they are blocking me from communicating them about the refund. Their original Indiegogo campaign was deceitful. They sold many people the bag at a ‘special price’ during their original campaign and then starting selling the bag at 56% off that so-called special price to generate interest again but if you check the page, the special price is not available. They delete the comments of those of us who complain. Many people who have purchased the bag are having issues with the bag too.

  2. You only think that the process following TSA numpties will let you simply flip out the mesh pocket with your toiletries and makeup ! Dream on: they will sooner die than let anyone pass through security without their beloved clear bag! 😏

  3. Im trying to find the perfect travel bag that I can fit my 17inch gaming laptop and all my clothes and stuffs inside and it needs to be a carry on wheelie

  4. Honestly I don't recommend this bag! I have it and it fits SO little! Maybe if you're a guys who travels with like 2 t shirts and 1 pair of pants and one sweater you'll be fine. But I don't even find that this is enough for one weekend trip. For me it ends up bulging open, I can't zip it up, and it's just useless. I wish I didn't spend so much money on this!

  5. For the RoadWarriors here:

    I am currently trying to decide on a bag. I have narrowed it down to two …

    The Eagle Creek Gear Hauler
    The Aevor Travel Pack.

    Thoughts would be welcome !

  6. A terceira mala e a coisa mais mentirosa que eu já vi…se é para a academia, para ginástica…até vai …mas para que mentir com uma camisa social e um terno!! Pelo amor de Deus!!! Sem falar que o ombro vai para a casa da caceta igualmente!!

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