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Travel Backpack New York Times Video

Travel Backpack New York Times

New York City Travel Guide

New York City Travel Guide

Our New York City Travel Guide! We had a blast exploring the city so good they named it twice, New York, New York….
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No matter how many times I visit New York, I still have so many “wow” moments. From the sights, the sounds, the flavours, and the sensations, New York City offers the first time visitor and the seasoned New York expert something new every single time. What a place….what a place.

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Where we stayed: CAMBRiA Hotel & Suites New York – Chelsea

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  2. Thanks so much for this, did my first visit to New York recently and this was my bible, Pizza Suprema….Yesss!!

  3. Check out New York's deli world like Katz's or Sarge's also Yonah Schimmel's Kenisheri, it's been there since time immemorial. Katz is on Houston Street (in NY it's pronounced Howston Street), Sarge is on Third Ave. and Yonah Schimmel is down a few blocks from Katz's on Bowery Street. These places will blow your mind!

  4. Great video, although trying to turn a slice of pizza into science is kind of cringy…delicious for sure. But cringy af.

  5. What if you have a 14 hour flight layover –  Would the empire state building experience, eating at juniors and possibly statue of liberty be enough time?  And I would really only give myself 6-7 hours of the layover to do this stuff…….

  6. The Tipping System is Broken, why should tourists have to pay more because the government/state aren't paying their own enough?! Healthcare System is an embarrassment, charging you for an x-ray with insurance is a Travesty it makes insurance seem worthless, it's the most unfair healthcare system out of the most developed countries, fact, I experienced it firsthand when I broke my toe and they wanted $200 i never had, needs sorting and Trump knows as he mentioned the NHS recently

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