Travel Backpack Made In Usa : Mission Workshop Radian Travel Pack Review | Customizable 42L Backpack Made In The USA

Travel Backpack Made In Usa Video

Travel Backpack Made In Usa

Mission Workshop Radian Travel Pack Review | Customizable 42L Backpack Made In The USA

Mission Workshop Radian Travel Pack Review | Customizable 42L Backpack Made In The USA

The Mission Workshop Radian is a bag enthusiasts dream. A highly customizable, unique travel pack with a proprietary accessory system, smart design, and unbelievable carry. The bad part? It’s heavy, bulky, and not ideal for air travel. View Our Full Review:

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0:34 – Material & Aesthetic
3:27 – External Components
7:46 – Inside the Pack
10:19 – Durability & Testing
11:52 – Pros & Cons
12:22 – The Verdict

The Radian is the latest travel pack from Mission workshop, a company that creates premium products for travel—including packs, clothing, duffels, and a whole lot of other stuff. You could probably build out your entire travel kit with nothing but Mission Workshop gear if you were so inclined.

We’ve tested a few other Mission Workshop products and we tend to like their unique aesthetic and smart features. One of those smart features, which you will see on this bag, is the ARKIV system. It’s kind of like their own proprietary MOLLE system. You can use it to attach various accessories to their bags and customize everything as you see fit, which adds a ton of functionality to all of their products.

The Mission Workshop Radian offers a comfortable carry, high quality construction, and a lot of smart, modular thinking. If you’re into bags, it’s easy to geek out about all the quality design and features throughout this bag. In practice, this pack is a tad bulky and heavy to use in the context of air travel, but if you’re conscious of the ARKIV accessories, as well as how you pack it, it’s one of the most comfortable, adjustable carries we’ve used to date.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Mission Workshop Radian Travel Pack, a customizable 42L backpack made in the USA.

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  1. Hey Tom, how large are you sandals? I like to wear Lems and Vivo's… do you think 13's (US) would fit in the side pouches? Also curious about the peak design cubes and how they fit in this pack (the Med and Small). Thanks for the great resources!

  2. the asymmetry handle you report at 06:00 is actually a nearly non-issue, the foam inside can be moved to the middle sonthat its symmetric. I've got my Radian this week and I found it to be minor annoyance. Sure MW could have fixed the foM
    with a few stiches. Great Review btw, thanks

  3. i got alot of their bags. but the radian in my opinion is a wayyyy more expensive arkiv r6.
    that's awkward, they could have built-in aluminum stays like their Vandal.

  4. Packing cubes are the super amateur option.

    What you need is a compression sack(s) – they get compressible items – mostly clothes – down to about 1/3 the size. Meaning you can take more, leave space for purchases or just bring a smaller bag.

    Surprising these guys never heard of them.

  5. I'm a huge fan of Mission Workshop bags. I have both the 20L and 40L versions of the Arkiv R6, as well as a Shed messenger and Transit briefcase. I don't think this bag is ugly per se to the point where it inspires strong negative feelings; I just think it looks awkward.

    Where Mission Workshop really shines compared to other brands is the suspension system. It is BY FAR the most comfortable suspension system in a big travel backpack I've used. The fact that it has load lifters alone is huge, and the waistbelt is super padded and comfortable. It's almost on par with heavy duty outdoor backpacking backpacks, which I definitely can't say about any other travel backpack. Though it does create a mess in terms of straps and it makes the bag heavier, I think the huge gain in comfort is worth it. I wish more large travel bags (*cough* GORUCK GR3) incorporated load lifters.

    That said, I think this bag overall is a miss. Mission Workshop's own 40L Arkiv R6 is LESS THAN HALF the price of this thing ($255 vs $585). There's no way the extra features of the Radian justify a $330 price premium.

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