Travel Backpack Items : 15 Travel Essentials for Men | What to Pack

Travel Backpack Items Video

Travel Backpack Items

15 Travel Essentials for Men | What to Pack

15 Travel Essentials for Men | What to Pack

Become a better packer with these 15 Travel Essentials for Men.
Check out all of the travel packing essentials for men:

↠ Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones –
↠ Saxx Underwear –
↠ Gandy’s Travel Daypack –
↠ PureHydration Waterbottle –
↠ Wise Products –
↠ Black Converse Shoes –
↠ Travel Journal –
↠ Polarized Sunglasses –
↠ USB 128G –
↠ Multi-Purpose Tool –
↠ Rubber Cable Ties –
↠ WeWood Watch –
↠ Multipurpose Clothing –
↠ Rain Jacket –
↠ Island Slipper Sandals –
↠ Power Bar –

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  1. Things I put in my pack: (I have a commando mountaineer pack btw)

    -hand sanitizer
    -bandages and bandaids
    -container with some fruit
    -lunchbox with rice and meat or something
    -head rest pillow (Idk what it is called)
    -phone/tablet or iPad

    Edit: water bottle

  2. Yeh, if you travel to a lot of countries with that knife (including here in Britain) you'll be able to use your journal to record you're time in prison. What were you planning to stab?

  3. The power strip is a great idea. Doesn’t take much space extends your cord and gives you more outlets. I wish I had thought of that one a long time ago.

  4. I never really use a noise cancelling headphones when I fly in an airplane. I mean I only use it when I'm awake but when I'm sleeping I don't use it. It's just for safety purposes. What if you're listening to music and you fall asleep and you're using a noise cancelling headphones then the plane is about to crash? The flight attendants are telling everyone what to do and you're just there snoring and basically have no idea what's going on. That's why I'm good with my iPhone earbuds. This is just by my own experience.

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