Travel Backpack In Singapore : Singapore On a Budget

Travel Backpack In Singapore Video

Travel Backpack In Singapore

Singapore On a Budget

Singapore On a Budget

Join us for a day in Singapore! We really enjoyed the city and loved that we could stay in a place that is known for being expensive and not blow our budget. We ate lots of street food, saw the Super Tree Grove, walked around Marina Bay Sands, and marveled at how perfectly clean and well manicured everything was! Hope this gives you inspiration to travel to Singapore on a budget!

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Hi! We are a married couple from Jacksonville, Florida. We quit our jobs, bought a 30 year old van named Hidalgo and spent 5 months road tripping the US (check out all of our #vanlife videos). Now we are backpacking around the rest of the world! Make sure you subscribe to follow along with our adventures!

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  1. Smart travellers! Glad you enjoyed yourselves.
    @keff articulated living in Singapore succinctly. To enjoy and experience Singapore does not have to be expensive sans the touristy stuff. Next time, you plan to visit, give me a shout. I’m a Singaporean. I’ll be happy to show both of you around some of off-the-beaten track cool stuff to do here including our many sumptuous local cuisines and “cheap” beer.
    BTW, technically AirBnB is not legal here except under specific conditions which is not for typical short-stay tourists. But no worries, it’s the property owners that have run afoul with the authorities. In this rare case, you can plead ignorance (shhhh!).

  2. This must be. Chinese. New. Year with all the lamptem hanging out there beautiful place for holiday love foods very good healthy foods thanks

  3. I never heard any one said they don,t like Singapore for holiday they all love the beautiful place in Singapore best foods in the world thank you for sharing Bless you all have a good day

  4. The most expensive city report is for expatriates, not for residents and tourists! They compare items that are very expensive such as cost of owning a car,etc.

    Please read those reports with a pinch of salt.

  5. I liven in Singapore for my uni exchange and it is just some of the best quality of life I've ever experienced.

    Your video made me extremely nostalgic and sad, so thank you for that :'(

  6. This video is pretty much boring and predictable. I wish they would’ve went off the beaten path instead of doing all the usual touristy stuff. Also, we already know that Singapore is clean and safe, that’s pretty much what they’re famous for, that and the amount of wealth. From what I saw in this video it didn’t exactly make me want to trip over myself to visit.

  7. Yep, if you are on a budget you can look for some free stuff to see or do here in Singapore. The metro is clean because we disallow food and drinks onboard. If you eat at the hawker centres or foodcourts it can be cheaper compared to restaurants, and foodcourts are airconditioned. The directions are in English and even the less educated here can speak simple english / Singlish so yep its friendly if you understand English.

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