Travel Backpack Hip : Tortuga Setout Review | 45L Travel Backpack (Maximum Legal Carry-On Bag)

Travel Backpack Hip Video

Travel Backpack Hip

Tortuga Setout Review | 45L Travel Backpack (Maximum Legal Carry-On Bag)

Tortuga Setout Review | 45L Travel Backpack (Maximum Legal Carry-On Bag)

The Tortuga Setout is a maximum legal sized carry-on bag that’s “just right” for the average traveler. The few nitpicks we found are outweighed by the smart organizational features and design. View Our Full Review:

0:40 – Material & Aesthetic
3:11 – External Components
8:08 – Inside the Pack
12:09 – Durability & Testing
13:05 – Pros & Cons
13:38 – The Verdict

We’ve gotten a lot of requests to review the Tortuga Setout, and we’re just now ready to reveal our thoughts and experiences after testing this bag for three months. Tortuga promotes this bag as being ‘just right’ for travelers. In their own words, it “packs like a suitcase and carries like a backpack.” It’s designed to give you the capacity to carry more on your travels, while still fitting within carry on limits for most airlines. Over the past three months, we’ve taken it to Detroit, California and New York to put it through its paces. So, does it live up to the hype?

Overall, we’ve enjoyed using the Tortuga Setout, but as you come to expect from a Pack Hacker review, we did find a few nitpicks. The velcro attachment on the hip belt, plus the fact that it rides up like a belly-belt on taller torsos, left us a bit confused. There is also a slight sagging when the pack is fully loaded, and the somewhat flimsy framesheet which could be improved. That said, the smart organizational features and design outweigh the couple of nitpicks we’ve found with this pack. The Tortuga Setout is a great option for a maximum legal carry-on bag. It’s “just right” for the average traveler and lives up to its promise of offering suitcase-packing with backpack convenience.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Tortuga Setout. This 45L travel backpack will work great for one bag travel and works as a carry-on.

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  1. They just came out with a women’s version. Do you think this bag is good for long term travel for months at a time? Is it sturdy enough to withstand going from hostel to hostel and constantly traveling through plane or train?

  2. I recently bought this bag for a 5 week trip to avoid luggage fees, but I am starting to get nervous about the size. I am glad that y'all showed it actually being worn and on the plane, it kind of reassures me that the size is fine.

  3. Just purchased and received the Tortuga Setout 45L Black Backpack . There are some significant differences between the gray backback reviewed here and my black one: e.g., my black one has load adjusting straps on top; the gray heather does not. Also, the black and blue Setouts are made of 900D polyester recycled plastic bottles; the gray is 900D polyester only. Minor issues perhaps, but they affected my decision on color. GREAT, thorough review here! Thanks.

  4. It looks floppy…. anyone can compare this with Instinct Backpack, which I think it look more sturdy and stylish.

  5. The Setout Divide uses the same waist belt. When taking an internal flight the limit for carry on was 7 kg. I took the waist belt off and used the Velcro crossed and wore as a belt under my jacket. After check in I took off the waist belt and jacket and stuffed both into the front pocket.

  6. I find it unfortunate that such a bag does not have a waist belt with all that it can hold + the computer.The waist belt would remove the weight on the shoulders.

  7. This is great, thank you so much for all the reviews! I was thinking of getting the tortuga setout, I love that it has so much space. But it looks like I will have a 1 cm too little in length because I have to fit it my tent that is 57 cm long! do you think I can fit it in diagonally? if not, my other choice would be Co-op Ruckpack 40. I am travelling to Costa Rica to music festival and I need lots of space to pack a tent but also warm clothes for hiking in Arenal and summer clothes for a coast. that will be a packing challenge!

  8. Great review! No other videos show the "flimseyness", which kinda turns me off. What do you personally think about comparing it to the Minaal? Going to use the bag for max 1 week.

  9. Hi Pack Haker, I’m planning a three month trip to Europe, including a 23 day Contiki tour. I was about to purchase the Tortuga Setout as I like the suitcase like opening. But I have watched a whole bunch of your videos and you have given me so much more to consider! Is there another bag you would recommend over the Tortuga? Must be carry on. Thanks for all the awesome videos!

  10. I’m in love with this bag – I feel like I can fit more in it than a couple of the 65L bags I have. I got the custom packing cubes that fit in it perfectly, and I highly recommend them. My only 2 gripes align with yours – it could benefit from some load-lifting straps to prevent it from sagging, and the hip belt does seem to hit high (but at < 50L, I don’t feel like that’s a deal breaker). I’m probably going to start using this pack for business travel too! I test-packed it for a 1 week trip and I have room to spare (and I’m a high-maintenance chick and chronic over-packer).

  11. Thank you for this terrific video! Question about the hip belt – When you remove it, is there a special compartment for you to stash it in?

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