Travel Backpack Hidden Pocket : 5 AMAZING Backpacks You Must See! ▶4

Travel Backpack Hidden Pocket Video

Travel Backpack Hidden Pocket

5 AMAZING Backpacks You Must See! ▶4

5 AMAZING Backpacks You Must See! ▶4

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Great backpacks for traveling, for going out and for work. Everyone who travels a lot or is always on-the-go should check them out!


Slim Pack:


1. Zero-G: World’s First Weight-Reducing Backpack. First backpack designed to make twenty pounds feel like ten.
2. TYLT Energi Backpack: charge your mobile devices on the go. A lightweight backpack that can charge your smartphone 4 times or an iPad one full charge, and recharge via a USB port.
3. Slim Pack: Weatherproof Minimal Commuter Backpack by SlimFold. A minimal, modular, modern backpack designed for the tools of today.
4. GoPlug: [Smart] Powered Backpack. Sometimes you need a bag. Sometimes you need power. Sometimes you need both. Smart technology deserves a smart bag.
5. Aer Travel Pack: The Ultimate Carry-on Backpack. Never check your bag again. Pack all your essentials in the ultimate carry-on travel backpack designed to keep you moving.

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  1. I don't mind watching a commercial but this is just a bad one. They do not show the details of the pack, just people walking around posing and trying to look cool. I would have gotten more info from a youtube personal review from someone who bought it. This was pretty much a waste of time.

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