Travel Backpack Groupon : Away Travel Everywhere Bag as a "Personal Item"? My review and coupon

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Away Travel Everywhere Bag as a "Personal Item"? My review and coupon

Away Travel Everywhere Bag as a "Personal Item"? My review and coupon

Hey guys, I was such a fan of my away travel suitcase that I decided to pick up the everywhere bag as well for my longer trips when I need a bigger personal item. I’m loving it so far and think it’s very well made and professional looking for a business traveler, male or female.

If you need a coupon for the away travel site, here you go:
and If you want to see my review of the bigger carry on, here it is:

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  1. Do you think it's also great 1. for men and 2. for everyday use (not just travelling; especially with the strap)?

  2. No offense but, as others have said, it is important to see the actual bag you’re reviewing instead of you. Can see very little of the bag with this angle.

  3. Have you had any issues fitting your Everywhere under seats? Do you need to turn it on its side? Thanks for the review!

  4. Really enjoy your videos, you cover great detail on the products, you present really well and you seem like such a nice person also. Would be great to if you could set you camera up higher and you stand up to show the products because I could not see all of the features of the bag when you were showing them, such as the internal pockets and the strap. Thanks anyway, really enjoy the video. I am considering buying the Big Carry on but am concerned i will not fit enough inside for a 5 day business trip.

  5. Thanks for reviewing this! Friendly suggestion – could the camera be angled downwards? Viewers never get to see the whole bag when you try it / when you show the interior.

  6. I am also a business traveler and know what you mean about professional looking luggage & bags for that last meeting you have right before a flight. My one piece of feedback would be that I maybe saw 1/4 of the bag. Definitely due to camera angle. I felt myself arching side to side to get a better view. A standing up shot would’ve been great for size perspective. Thanks.

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