Travel Backpack Ebay Uk : New backpack for outdoors stuff

Travel Backpack Ebay Uk Video

Travel Backpack Ebay Uk

New backpack for outdoors stuff

New backpack for outdoors stuff

Military Tactical Backpack Large Army 3 Day Assault Pack Molle Bug Out Bag
First look at my new camping/hiking backpack.

Link to the product in the video can be found here and here

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  1. been using this backpack for my hiking & airsoft games for 8 months 23$, all i can say is im not disappointed .

  2. Do you think the size is okay for school? I actually bring a lot of stuff and I always had two bags. One's the backpack then one's the folder bag(similar to laptop bag). Would appreciate if anyone could help me out.

  3. Get a maxpedition falcon 2 and do a comparison. Quality and durability issues with and $40 pack unless your going surplus if yu use it and or carry anything heavy for any period of time you will see why I commented. With that being said cheap packs a good for kits. Just don't bet your life on it. Dig it!

  4. Seems okay. A million packs have that same design. Red Rock makes a nice one for $70 in the Ranger Joe's catalog that's probably lots higher quality. The pack does have nice box and x stitching at stress points (very nice feature seen usually on quality packs, I couldn't tell if it was double or triple stitched anywhere at stress points, mesh and padding on back and straps, hydration bladder pocket, lots of MOLLE all-round and compression straps (very important IMO), MOLLE and straps on the bottom where the compression sack for your sleeping bags and sleep mat should go. I'd replace the zipper pulls with color coded para cord. Are the buckles and D rings plastic or metal? I like the design of these kinds of packs, they need to offer bigger sizes tho. I've heard mixed reviews of Reebow gear they may be a newer pack company. How much was it? Oh, BTW, where in NC are you? Let us know how it does and it's durability.

  5. 2 Stealth Angel SA-P5 Compact Military Style MOLLE System Pouch in Black 1 on bottom right side & 1 on bottom left side of pack, 2 High Speed Gear MOLLE – Mini Radio/Utility Pouch in Black 1 on top right side & 1 on top left side of pack

  6. Oh by the way it'll probably be a good idea 2 use the top front pocket of your pack as an E & E (Escape & Evasion) pocket!

  7. Here's a list of MOLLE Pockets/Pouches 2 help improve the outside of your Black Army 3 Day Assault Pack later on!

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