Travel Backpack Deuter : Deuter Transit 40 Travel Pack

Travel Backpack Deuter Video

Travel Backpack Deuter

Deuter Transit 40 Travel Pack

Deuter Transit 40 Travel Pack

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Item: DTRMB202

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  1. Hi guys, I love your videos 🙂 They have helped me with so many decisions to make. May I ask which pack you would prefer as a carry on rucksack the Osprey Farpoint 40 M/L or the Deuter Transit 40? It's a bit trigger to get the Deuter Transit 40 in Germany but not impossible. My requirements are that I would like to use it as carry on luggage for city and other trips. It's possible that I would have to carry it during the day before reaching my hotel in the evening. Which one would be the better choice? And if you compare them which of them has more space? I had the Deuter Transit Lite 40 ordered from Austria a week ago and I felt although both are 40 L packs the Deuter was a bit more spacious. However it didn't have a hip belt which takes up space too. Thank you in advance for your help.

  2. There is a newer version of that, the Transit "Lite" 40. Not really sure what is the difference between those two. And only available by order in my nearest Deuter store, anyone knows the difference?

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