Travel Backpack Damen : Eagle Creek Global Companion Review | Women’s & Unisex Version | 40L Carry-On Travel Backpack

Travel Backpack Damen Video

Travel Backpack Damen

Eagle Creek Global Companion Review | Women’s & Unisex Version | 40L Carry-On Travel Backpack

Eagle Creek Global Companion Review | Women’s & Unisex Version | 40L Carry-On Travel Backpack

The Eagle Creek Global Companion stands true to its name and has shown some solid qualities we’d want in any trusty companion. View Details & Buy: Unisex & Womens

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0:43 – Material & Aesthetic
2:02 – External Components
6:37 – Inside the Pack
10:18 – Durability & Testing
11:10 – Pros & Cons
11:42 – The Verdict

Eagle Creek has been around for more than 40 years, making gear to help travelers all around the world. We thought it was only natural to test out the Eagle Creek Global Companion to see if it really holds up to its “global companion” expectations.

We’ve been really happy with the amount of things we were able to fit into this pack. With numerous pockets and smart features, the pack has continued to be a great companion while trekking across the U.S. and more.

With ample room, smart features, and some tactical organization, this pack has a lot of awesome things going on. We’ve only managed to find a couple gripes surrounding the harness system—specifically the non-removable hip belt—we don’t have a lot more to complain about. You truly can fit so much into this pack and at the same time, be able to use it as a carry-on item when flying from place to place. The Eagle Creek Global Companion truly is a great global companion.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Eagle Creek Global Companion. Taking a look at both the unisex and women’s versions of the 40L carry-on travel backpack.

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  1. About the strap-whacking hip belt issue: couldn't you just wrap the belt around the bag and clip it closed at the front, kind of compression strap style? That way it wouldn't be flapping everywhere, but wouldn't be folded in between your back & the bag either (which could potentially dig into your lower back and cause discomfort). Maybe not the most aesthetically pleasing solution, but it'd save the poor aisle seat people on the plane when boarding 😉

  2. I love your videos, I find them very helpful! Can you do a review on the TLS mother load weekender convertible backpack?!?!

  3. Does it have the Straps "Hide-in" with a cover attached at the base so that we can chain close in the whole strap from outside to hide them from hanging outside?

  4. Hi Tom I am about to purchase a bagpack both 40L and 65L. Kindly suggest me in person which one among these three would you suggest, Eagle Creek, REI or Osprey? Kindly revert to me via email to avoid any misconception to this review. Thank you….Anil@India.

  5. Is it durable and sturdy? Would you recommend this for long term travel? Like backpacking through Europe or Asia for 6 months at a time?

  6. Thanks for making this video! I'm currently searching for the perfect back pack to take with me on my one year trip around the world and think this may be it! The only thing I don't like is that you cant stow away the straps. I'm thinking about getting a packable 40L duffle bag to put this in while at the airport, that way the sleeves are stored, i can also wear it as a duffle and in the case that i have to check it, i don't have to worry about the straps getting caught on something. Do you think that would be a good solution?

  7. I bought the pack for traveling to Sri Lanka and Africa, I use the rain cover backwards for the harness straps in the airplane. The boulder clip also works for a bottle opener.
    This are my tips on how I use my global companion 40L.

  8. hm it's interesting that you list the harness as a pro-choice, because this is the only thing that actually drove me away from this backpack. I tried the women's version yesterday in a store with about 10/12kg in it, I found it kind of hard and uncomfortable on my shoulders, also the breast belt is way too far down, so it cuts into my breast tissue and under arm area… At the same time I tried the Osprey Farview 40L for women with the same weight and found it much more comfortable. I love the design and features (and color) of the Eagle Ereek Companion over the Osprey Farview but in carriage comfort the Osprey Farview won. And now I am stuck with my decision taking……

  9. Feel like some of these bag designers don't actually travel. I always find it funny that some designers make lockable zippers yet provide no easy way to lock the bag itself to a foreign object. 9/10 theives just swipe the entire bag. Who has the damn time to rummage through the pockets to find loot?

  10. Anybody come up with a way to easily manage the dangling strap ends that swing around when you walk? Thanks – Also, Tom and Pack Hacker – you have totally ruined me… try to watch review videos by other folks and I just CAN'T – rambling, fumbling, going in and out of focus… you ROCK!

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