Travel Backpack Crossbody : Carmel Convertible Backpack and Crossbody | Anti-theft Waterproof Travel Bags by Arden Cove

Travel Backpack Crossbody Video

Travel Backpack Crossbody

Carmel Convertible Backpack and Crossbody | Anti-theft Waterproof Travel Bags by Arden Cove

Carmel Convertible Backpack and Crossbody | Anti-theft Waterproof Travel Bags by Arden Cove

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Arden Cove’s Carmel Convertible Backpack and Crossbody is the perfect combination of versatility and practicality. It has RFID blocking, a slash-resistant lining, locking zippers, and waterproof nylon & zippers. Wear as a backpack, handbag, shoulder bag, or crossbody. It’s anti-theft and waterproof features make it the perfect bag for your travels or everyday. Shop

Surie Satchel
Carmel Convertible Backpack and Crossbody


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We at Arden Cove believe life should be an adventure. Whether you’re traveling across the world, or hustling in the city, we know you want to be prepared and armed with the knowledge and best products. We create the best travel bags with this in mind, so you can take off with confidence with our anti-theft and waterproof bags. Please let us know in the comments below what you would like to see from us next!

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  1. Thats a beyond fair price tag. I have a similar styled bag that I adore, the bendel jetsetter convertible, which I use regularly. I love that it can become a crossbody, especially during the semester when I go from work where I just need my handbag to university where I have to use a backpack as well. The one thing I noticed with the style of the clips on your bag is they look like they'll hurt my shoulder with the twist of metal from the two straps clipping together at the top (my bags tend to be weighed down a bit, I even keep my bento full of my lunch or dinner in it!). Also, pastel pink. I'm a cotton candy fluffball and I neeeeeeeed pink, especially since my bendel bag is red and black- looks great when I'm not wearing lolita fashion but when I am dressed up I need more cute factor. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    One strap over the one shoulder seems like a great way to get my bag snatched, so I'll keep a watch ouch for a 2.0 of this bag for a comfortable conversion method that doesn't just drop like the sackroots convertible bags. The detachable handle at the top of the bag is also giving me LIFE. 😍 even a pink colorway as is will likely make it into my wishlist as it'd be perfect for anime conventions.

  2. These are awesome hope you do a pink version at some stage, that is my wife's favorite color. Do you ship to New Zealand?

  3. I have this backpack and I LOVE it!! I use it as an everyday bag, I have a toddler so it helps me do everything hands free.

  4. was super excited to find a cute anti-theft bag, but then very disappointed once I saw it was 200$ + Really wish I could find an affordable anti-theft bag that also looks cute

  5. Can you please let us know what is the metal used in the 'rings'? Can't find that info in the website. Thank you!

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