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Travel Backpack Blog

Backpacking Travel Packing Guide

Backpacking Travel Packing Guide

What to pack for 1 month plus backpacking and trekking travel trip!
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Backpacking + Trek Travel Packing Guide

Travel Toiletries: Coming soon!
Travel First Aid: Coming soon!

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  1. this is the least minimalistic backpacking set I have seen online to date. This video misses the point of backpacking, please reflect

  2. "When you are doing a backpacking trip you have to kind of plan on where you are going and plan accordingly"…
    Yeah no shit

  3. Thanks this was super helpful! I'm planning on backpacking soon, and this video pointed out some things to bring!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever gone on a trip with anything bigger then my 45L bag with 15lbs fully loaded. Girl what you doing? Bringing two towels? A full bag of detergent?

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