Travel Backpack Aliexpress : China Gadget: Buying a backpack from Aliexpress

Travel Backpack Aliexpress Video

Travel Backpack Aliexpress

China Gadget: Buying a backpack from Aliexpress

China Gadget: Buying a backpack from Aliexpress

After my last “off the script” video, I decided to make another one! This time about some backpacks I ordered from Aliexpress, take a look!

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1st dark gray backpack:
2nd light gray backpack:

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  1. I don't think this is a stupid video. Actually, I have been searching on Aliexpress for a good backpack and I have seen there those two ones that you got. I think they are of reasonable quality for a good price. So why not get them? Actually, they say that goods from Aliexpress are of low quality. I have bought many, I mean about a hundred items, from Aliexpress – and about 75% of them were of a really nice quality. Especially bags. Actually, I have noticed that there are many goods on Amazon that originally come from Aliexpress. So if someone thinks that buying of Amazon means getting better quality goods than buying of Aliexpress, then they might be wrong. That was just a remark to the fact that some people think Amazon is better. Well, it is not. It is the same, because many goods on Amazon come from the same Chinese manufacturers that supply Aliexpress with their goods.

  2. I dont get the point in showing a video review of what needs to be cheap alternative to western brands, by buying from aliexpres, when the bags you linked cost same like western premium brands as well. i'd better buy Swiss gear for same price at amazon.

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