Travel Backpack Advertised On Facebook : The Aer 2 Travel Backpack and Loadout

Travel Backpack Advertised On Facebook Video

Travel Backpack Advertised On Facebook

The Aer 2 Travel Backpack and Loadout

The Aer 2 Travel Backpack and Loadout

A load-out for overseas travel and teaching in Japan
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  1. I asked about flying with compasses a few weeks ago and everyone said it should be ok under the plane. I thought you had said before that you wouldnt put it under the plane. Thanks Dave

  2. I'm a huge GORUCK advocate as well. I always like to hear about alternatives to recommend to other folks.

  3. Great way of packing stuff. Gave me a lot of ideas. Thank you for the content Dave. I just finished Bushcraft 101 and now I'm starting to read Advanced Bushcraft. Best regards

  4. I watched as promised, great video as always…but if we're ever in an airport together, let's calm down with the word bomb

  5. Hello Mister, I'm Portuguese like a lot your work , I hope on day u pass in Portugal or in England I will go to see you !

  6. HAIR JELL? You said Hair jell. Never would have thought you would carry hair jell… Figured a woad of tallow on the fly was more you.

  7. You carry quite a bit in your bag, but don't carry too much as to overload your back when hand carrying your pack. I love the way you have everything organized and know where everything is when you need it. My backpack have two carry handles on it, but I don't know if the waist restraints can be removed or not as I never tried.

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