Travel At Work : How to Travel and Work in a Full Time Job!

Travel At Work Video

Travel At Work

How to Travel and Work in a Full Time Job!

How to Travel and Work in a Full Time Job!

How to travel regularly and keep a full time job? It seems impossible but it really isn’t! Let’s talk about how I travel with a full time job and I hope I have some helpful tips for you 🙂

From planning ahead to saving money – let’s talk travel!

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I hope this is helpful to you guys! Travelling is not expensive! Let me know if you want me to make an extra video on how to save money when travelling maybe? 🙂

x Sandy

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  1. What an amazing video. It works not only for travel, but it was a boost to me to try to get on trails again with my channel. I work 9 to 5:30 and I'm struggling to keep my blog, etc. It's a video about travel and work, but it definitely can fit to other things 😊

  2. Also, what about Couchsurfing! It's a way to make friends across the world and meet a local who knows a lot about his or her city/country.

  3. 1st question is what is your job that you are doing for four days? I want the same.
    2nd question why don't you go to Greece?? The prettiest country in Europe 😍😍. If you do I will give you some piece of advice. But flights are always expensive.

  4. Good video, good advices…but. Imagine 1 thing…and that is that there are countries where even if you have university education and even if you are trying supehard in your job…you still do not earn enoufg money to cover basci things like rent, food, car… and we are not some third world country, just eastern europe country… people here earn like 800€ per month (in 9-5 jobs that requires university education)…so travellelling is difficult (Rent for 1 room apartment is 500-600€, so we need to live in shared apartments). I have travelled 4 times last year and people around me are whispering that "she must be rich".None of those travels where ouside Europe. If I could afford to travel 2 a month – that would be like a dream!

  5. Hallo Sandy, wie bereitest du dich auf einen möglichen ungeregelten Brexit vor? Wenn das Abkommen am Dienstag abgelehnt wird (sehr wahrscheinlich) steuert UK auf ein Chaos zu ab Ende März. Das Schicksal der EU–Bürger in Großbritannien ist dann völlig offen. Das Abkommen würde Leuten wie dir eine langfristige Bleibeperspektive bieten, aber Theresa May wird es wohl nicht durch das Parlament bekommen. Oder hast du schon die britische Staatsbürgerschaft? Eine völlig abstruse Situation, ich hoffe es geht trotzdem irgendwie gut für dich aus. Du sprichst ein super Englisch und mir gefallen deine Videos! Liebe Grüße

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