Travel At Work : How to Get Paid to Travel – Work Remotely

Travel At Work Video

Travel At Work

How to Get Paid to Travel – Work Remotely

How to Get Paid to Travel - Work Remotely

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  1. I am a freelancer for the last two years and I enjoy it so much!!! I worked at the office for 10 years and it was not so bad, but anyway I do not want to come back.

  2. i hate the idea of having a 9-5 my whole life…it’s so depresssing..and i’m only going on two years of doing this
    idk what “skills” i have or what remote job i could have, but i really need to figure it out.
    ever since i studied abroad in 2015 i wanted to travel the world. i wanna make the most of out my life ..seeing new things and experiencing things i thought would only be a dream. ugh

  3. I am a software engineer and I work remote, going to Las Vegas in May and just be happy while working 😀 (trying not to spend all my money there also hahaha)

  4. As someone who works remotely as a consultant helping others to…work remotely, I love the way you put this video together. The most common objection I hear is that "my company would never allow me to do something like this."

    You'd be AMAZED at how often people are dead wrong in that assumption. From what I've seen, the majority of people don't work up the courage to ask to work remotely, and of course, if they don't ask, they don't receive permission. They are setting restrictions on themselves simply because they fear their employer will frown upon the idea. All it takes is a conversation to get the ball rolling on remote work…

    Great video guys!

  5. Thank you for this great video! It's just enough of a skeleton plan to make amazing things happen! Not too elusive and broad yet not too specific and rigid! I'm definitely going to share this with people! I know of so many people who want to travel, it's our innate desire to explore! I'm also on the mission of sharing the fact that we can work remote and travel the world, just have to convince myself too 😀

  6. Nine to five jobs are the biggest example of a toxic social construct. They're so backwards

  7. What are some skills I could learn? That’s the part I’m stuck on. I’m 20 and haven’t finished college yet

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