Travel And Tourism News : Is tourism killing Venice? – BBC News

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Travel And Tourism News

Is tourism killing Venice? – BBC News

Is tourism killing Venice? - BBC News

There are more tourists and fewer residents in the historic city of Venice.
The city known as the “Queen of the Adriatic” has lost more than half its population in the past 50 years.
The Venetians who remain are trying to find ways to reclaim their city.
Video journalist: Bruno Boelpaep

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  1. Absolutely true. I live In Florence, and there are millions of tourists visiting the city each year. A lot of the places have become "false", too crowded, filled with shops and restaurants. Fortunately it is not true for all the areas of Florence, such as San Frediano in the area of Santo Spirito, that is still fairly quiet, with few tourists and a lot of Florentine people. The thing that I fear is that it will soon become just like the other areas of the city.

  2. I'm not Italian. But I completely support a quota system on tourism and some sort of restriction. If we are all just selfish and continue to flock to Venice and take our selfies, posting instagram pictures without considering the local residents, Venice will be ruined, by US! So I'm willing to pay a reasonable fee, tax, and perhaps wait a few years in line just to be able to enter and visit the city if that's what it takes to preserve the city. A quota system that allows a sustainable number of visitors to come to the city is probably the best. If you truly appreciate the city and its beauties, its culture and traditions, you should respect its locals and try to keep the city alive and away from turning into a museum.

  3. It happens to many tourist destinations all over the world. Despite tourism brings money in, it caused many trash (more ppl more trash), can damage the environment, n bring some negative affect from foreigners' bad behaviour (such as being drunk, gambling, etc)..
    It happened in my hometown also (in Bali), the tourists are everywhere.
    But yeaah thats okay, we just need to be more conscious about it 🙂

  4. Tourism there will slowly decline or at least plateau. It’s too busy there now to enjoy the city and almost feels like a theme park. It’s a beautiful place and there’s so much history but it seems somewhat overrated just because it’s so crowded.

  5. I've just came back from a trip to this historic city with my wife to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
    All I can say is that the Italians are extremely racist to asians. Before I was a bit skeptical but seeing first hand I can now confirm that the D&G racist scandal in China is legit. No hospitality what so ever at least to asians anyway. I will never visit Italy again.

  6. Make venice an expensive 7 star monte carlo type city and make a separate dock away from the main lagoon with tons of hotels and shops for cruise liners every venetian could be a multimillonaire with that amount of tourists

  7. I've always wanted to visit Venice wish there was a way peope can still get to visit but not destroy a city or peoples way of life. 😢

  8. Yeah man, let's protest against people coming into the country spending fat cash instead of us just moving somewhere else. Definitely not going to hurt the economy…

  9. I guess it doesn't really pay to go there. You make people unconfortable and you won't have a good time either. Better to get to know other underrated places in Italy.

  10. I was one of those tourists in 2017, but got sick and stayed indoors most of the time due to the heavy smokers. Modena was much more quiet and peaceful and Padova is a spot worth visiting with less tourists.

  11. No big ships!!! They just bring a tonne of people who leave their trash, use resources, and then spend all their money eating and shopping on the massive ships (because it's all inclusive). It brings no benefit to the destination.

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