Travel Along The Pacific Railway : Trains Along the Pacific Ocean

Travel Along The Pacific Railway Video

Travel Along The Pacific Railway

Trains Along the Pacific Ocean

Trains Along the Pacific Ocean

Take a look at all the trains running along the Pacific Ocean as we travel north up the California coast from San Diego to San Francisco. We will look at just about every rail line that runs along the mighty Pacific in California. First, you will visit the famed “Surf Line” as it runs along coastal bluffs and sandy beaches between San Diego and Los Angeles. Next, travel to San Pedro where the waterfront Red Car runs along the water’s edge carrying tourists. North of Los Angeles, we meet up with our next major rail line, known as the “Coast Line”, which we follow along the coast between Ventura and Lompoc. After that, we take a brief stop in Santa Cruz to see the beach train before concluding our journey in San Francisco with the Powell and Hyde Street Cable Car line running up Russian Hill with views of San Francisco Bay in the background.




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  1. sp coast daylights used to run to san fransico so L.A in the pacific ocean side but now its not cause 4449 wont go to its coast route the daylight ended in 1961 or 1971 not so sure thats when amtrak takes the pacific ocean coast route of sp daylight

  2. (from Canada)  Another great video of passenger and commuter trains,  keep up the great work,  really enjoyed the video.

  3. Great video. My favorite Amtrak routes are the Coast Starlight between Los Angeles & Oakland & the Los Angeles to San Diego segment of the Pacific Surfliner route which is shared with the Coast Starlight between Los Angeles & San Luis Obispo, CA.

  4. Wow! I've taken yearly trips to the Bay Area for the last four years, but I've never been south of San Jose. I need go to SoCal someday, some of these views are just too good to miss! I love that one with the Starlight going across the bridge by the beach 😀

  5. I like the part at 6:27 wherein the background the kid is whining and the mom is teasing the kid, and the kid tells her to "Shut up and help" bhahahahahahahahah

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