Travel Agent Xylokastro : Team building activities teaser (short) | Greekly

Travel Agent Xylokastro Video

Travel Agent Xylokastro

Team building activities teaser (short) | Greekly

Team building activities teaser (short) | Greekly

#tailormade for unique teams & companies.

Planned and organized by #Greekly travel community (Greece), implemented in accordance with the directives of ‘KTM’ travel agency (Norway) for the ‘A.Utvik as’ company, during their trip in Peloponnese, Greece.

Xylokastro, Corinthia, Peloponnese, Greece
Autumn 2018

*Treasure hunt in Xulokastro
-double beach
-local products: freshly roasted coffee
-tasting tsipouro
-make your own greek salad

*Activities in the seaside forest
-zoom by Istvan Banyai
-sneak a peek
-productive photo

Xylokastro, Corinthia, Peloponnese, Greece
Autumn 2018

Our special thanks to
• The homely ‘Spitaki sto Xylocastro’ for its genuine products and wonderfully festive energy
• The ‘Fountatos’ bistro, which taught us to respect authentic coffee
• The local farmers of Corinthia who gifted their goods to our guests, as would classic Greeks
• The ultimate blue Greek skies that we cannot get enough of
• The Greek autumn with its perfect temperature and colour palette
• The teams that partook in the games that left us with laughter and smiles
• Life, which has so many beautiful things to offer.


***About Greekly***

The evolution of time. Body-mind exercise, Body-mind healing, Gastronomy, Event. All together.

•Greekly is a travel community of people who, in their lifelong quest for a smart and balanced way to spend their invaluable free time, appreciate the importance of 1. outdoor activities and everything that involves motion, aerobic training and dance; 2. holistic approaches to their psychosomatic well-being; 3. art and 4. quality food.
•On the basis of the above elements, Greekly constantly evolves an interactive platform of activities and collaborators in Greece, from which every month a different multi-thematic excursion project emerges.
•We are fully convinced that Greece is a land to fall in love with all year long, with landscapes rich in ever-changing beauties and people ready to offer unique and authentic life experiences to their visitors.

•Approaches which we love to combine:
1. Body-Mind Exercise:
a. activities: strolling, hiking, trekking, cycling, canyoning, rafting, sailing, caving, visiting archaeological sites, mushroom hunting, wine tasting, beer tasting, bird watching, dolphin watching, slackline, landart, soundwalk, outdoor seminars or workshops with music, dance, aerials, circus, clay, theatre, psychology, life coaching, insights discovery seminars, team building activities etc.
b. games: treasure hunt, landart, traditional greek games, soccer (5X5) in a forest, orienting, petanque, slackline
c. traditional nature workshops: olive harvest, grape harvest, grape pressing (on feet), cheesemaking
2. Body-Mind Healing: thermal baths, temazcal, yoga, pilates, Feldenkrais, Thai massage, shiatsu, biomatic anatomy, seminars about the production of essential oils, hydrosols, natural cosmetics (e.g. deodorant, soap)
3. Gastronomic Events: local or ‘thematic’ (Greek, Italian, Japanese etc.) food in local places, with local or our own private chef
4. Art n’ Cultural Events: music, dance, theatre, outdoor cinema (even in places without electricity!), storytelling, astronomy, land art

Get in touch at to tailor your company’s unique trip!

•Mobile: 0030 6977 817692

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