Travel Agent Worth It : 10 Biggest Secrets Travel Agencies Don't Want You To Know

Travel Agent Worth It Video

Travel Agent Worth It

10 Biggest Secrets Travel Agencies Don't Want You To Know

10 Biggest Secrets Travel Agencies Don't Want You To Know

10 Biggest Secrets Travel Agencies Don’t Want You To Know!
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When we think of vacation we think of white sand beaches, snow-capped mountains, and bustling city centers. What we often forget to work into our daydream is the many steps it takes to plan out a trip. You might be tempted to hire a travel agent, but there is a lot that they do that you might not be aware of. Are travel agents worth it, or are they just trying to scam you by acting as a middleman? We’ll let you know some of their secrets so you can make that decision for yourself. It might surprise you to know that different airlines offer different commission amounts on tickets, so agents won’t bother showing you fares from inexpensive airlines that don’t offer them a piece of the profits. We’ll give you some tips on booking your own flight, and let you know how unscrupulous travel agents can make you pay a way higher price than what you could get on your own. When it comes to finding out insider tips on a great hotel, many agents use the same resources you do, namely just googling it.

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  1. This is a pure bullshit video…
    Sure there might be travel agents that take advantage of desperate people that need to attend a funeral,
    those who try to squeeze every penny out of you and some might be dishonest… but this is FAR from every agent.. the agent this video describes
    is undoubtly part of the minority and should by no means be a travel agent..

    And for those even considering booking two one-way tickets i say, go ahead, once your planned returntrip gets cancelled= you're on your own and you have to
    make your own way home.. if it's a return ticket the airline is bound by law and they must help you.. unless they go out of business completely that is, but in those cases i say
    you'll feel so glad you booked through a agent who is very keen to get you home.. good luck calling one of those cheap online agents with only robots for
    employees or the airline that ceased operating 🙂

    What people who prefer to save a few dollars forget is that the travel agent the would see for their trip might be an expert on their prefered destination..
    Sure you might book a decent trip to the Maldives or Fiji on your own.. but imagine what someone who's an expert could do for you instead…

  2. This video is very insulting to me. I have been a travel agent for 17 years and any unethical agents may use some of these techniques. However, generalizing travel agents like that is damaging to our industry!

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