Travel Agent Pay Rate : Travel Nurse Negotiate a Higher EXTRA Time and Overtime Pay Rate – Here's How.

Travel Agent Pay Rate Video

Travel Agent Pay Rate

Travel Nurse Negotiate a Higher EXTRA Time and Overtime Pay Rate – Here's How.

Travel Nurse Negotiate a Higher EXTRA Time and Overtime Pay Rate - Here's How.

In this video Angelina, a (Former) Travel Nurse Recruitment Manager explains how Travel Nurses can negotiate higher pay when they work additional hours. This is generally an overlooked part of the Travel Nurse pay package breakdown and contract terms.

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  1. I was a good video. I am getting ready to make my first nursing contract decision and there is everything i didn't know, so your content is great. Thank you

  2. What do you recommend for a newly graduated nurse with an ADN? Should they try to get normal work experience for a year or try to apply right away to be a travel nurse? I'm bilingual and a male nurse. Do those have any weight going into travel nursing?

  3. How can you negotiate pay before getting a contract? If you don't know what facility you will be working in , then how can either party negotiate pay? Do you negotiate pay with every new assignment? or is the negotiated amount for any work you do, no matter which facility? Thank you and I really appreciate your videos!

  4. Great video! I've been doing travel nursing since 2010. Back in 2011, I can remember an assignment where my base rate was $22 per hour and I was contracted for 32 hours. In my contract, hours 32-40 were paid at $45 per hour and hours over 40 were paid at $67.50 per hour. Today, it is hard to find that. Every time I inquire about it, recruiters tell me that the base rate is what will be paid hours 36-40 (in a 36 hour per week contract) and 1.5x the base rate will be paid for OT hours. I have tried to bring up the blended rate and I am immediately told that they don't do blended rates for extra hours. Many of them become offended that I asked about it. Whenever I have tried to explain to them that the taxable rate is $20 per hour and I am doing travel nursing to make the blended rate, they'll tell me "sorry we don't do that.". I have tried asking them why every hour before the contracted hours is paid higher than the "extra hours" or the OT rate, and they act like I am asking for something unrealistic. What is the best way to approach this without them becoming angry? I guess it is possible that they don't understand the blended rate that I am talking about. Most of them seem to give me a pay package in the form of a taxable rate and a weekly stipend and from there, I break it down and figure out my taxable hourly and non-taxed hourly. These extra hours and OT have never been an issue until my last job where I routinely was staying over 40 hours per week and was contracted for 36 hours. Hours 36-40 were paid at my base rate of $20 per hour and my OT rate was $30 per hour. My blended rate was $47 per hour and that's what I feel I should be paid for my extra hours. After that experience, I am now being more inquisitive with agencies about this. I found that some of them respond by saying the only way around it is to increase my base rate which will then decrease my stipend. Then they say that my base rate will increase my extra hours and OT rate (but they still only pay the base rate). My goal is to keep my hourly lower and my tax-free higher. What is the best way to find out if this is negotiable without offending them? I feel like they assume I am a novice and I will take anything they have to offer. How can I nicely let them know that I am an experienced traveler and I can see through their misleading tactics?

  5. "…your agency is usually billing 1.5x the billrate…" almost NO OT bill rates are 1.5x. most are delta based (plus $10 very common). multipliers are typically 1.25x or 1.35x. this is misleading.

  6. Amazing! No one has ever broken down exactly what you need to ask for regarding the money aspect of traveling. For new travelers, you don't know what you don't know. This could make for a really poor start to travel nursing and ultimately be the reason why many nurses either quit traveling, or never start. Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge!

  7. Thank you Angelina! You are a great blessing and appreciate you taking the nurses' side. God bless you… unbelievable information.!!!!! So excited.

  8. Very informative. Quick question, is it possible to start my own agency? I have like 5 nurses who want to work with me. Where do agencies get the job listings from?

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