Travel Agent Liverpool : 89: ASMR Online Travel Agent (2 Week Trip to England)

Travel Agent Liverpool Video

Travel Agent Liverpool

89: ASMR Online Travel Agent (2 Week Trip to England)

89: ASMR Online Travel Agent (2 Week Trip to England)

My first video of 2014!
Watch as play the part of an online travel agent for ASMR Travel Services. I plan and prepare an itinerary for a trip to England- covering London, Liverpool, York and more.
Please Note: This is not a binaural recording and I have prepared to look and sound like a video call complete with occasional interference.
I hope you enjoy.
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Peace ; TWS 🙂

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  1. I have your lion , witch,& wardrobe vid saved in one of my playlists, love that and watch it regulary, im so happy i stumbled across this one because the comment below is right its a masterpiece so thank you.

  2. still one of my fav videos, i used to watch this a lot when i was going through a really hard time and i wouldnt have been sane without this video so thank you!

  3. Miss you and your videos terribly! Hope to 'see' you again someday and that you are doing ok. Praying for you and sending you positive energy!

  4. Please come back…PLEASe… this is my all time favourite asmr to get to byebyes with…please come back and take me away somewheres else

  5. Fantastic video, very friendly, very relaxing and welcoming. You are the nicest asmr'ist on youtube. P.S: I live in liverpool, thank you for mentioning it in the video. Thank you, and keep up the amazing content. 😀

  6. Fantastic video, very relaxing. I would like to thank you because this video has gotten me past writers block. Hope to see another roleplay from you again.

  7. This is seriously one of my favorite asmr videos. The volume and inflection of your voice, the visual interference, literally everything about this is perfect. Thank you so much for posting this and for putting so much effort into it, I cannot tell you how many times this has lulled me to sleep. Thank you!

  8. This is one of my favorite ASMR videos ever. I've come back to it multiple times now. I really love traveling, and I wish I had such a dedicated travel agent. It has that sense of adventure of visiting new places, as well as that wonderful excitement you get when you look forward to a trip, even if this is just make-believe. It's very pleasant to watch.

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