Travel Agent List : How to Build Your Email List for Travel Agents

Travel Agent List Video

Travel Agent List

How to Build Your Email List for Travel Agents

How to Build Your Email List for Travel Agents

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Irresistible Free Offer

One of the most important tools is your marketing tool-box is a big, healthy email list.

Start growing your email list today!

To grow your e-Newsletter list, you need to feature an Irresistible Free Offer (IFO) on your website. Your IFO entices your visitors to enter their email, and then they get instant access to the IFO you promised them, and they automatically get added to your e-Newsletter list.

Creating an IFO from scratch can be time consuming and expensive because your IFO needs to be copy written, edited, images selected and purchased, professionally designed, and formatted.

We came up with a simple affordable way for you to get a nice IFO for your website.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Purchase this special IFO Package.

2. You’ll get instant access to 4 Irresistible Free Offers that we created for you to choose from – choose the one that fits your business the best.

3. Fill out a short form that tells us what customizations you want made to your new IFO.

4. We make the customizations, and send it to you within a week.

5. Upload to your website and start growing your email list!

You’ll Get:

– Up to 1-Hour of Basic Customizations

– A customized IFO in a PDF format

You can view a snapshot of the 4 IFO’s below. When you purchase this service you’ll get full access to the IFO’s so you can view each of them in their entirety.

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