Travel Agent Kingsport Tn : Small Town Charm – Kingsport TN

Travel Agent Kingsport Tn Video

Travel Agent Kingsport Tn

Small Town Charm – Kingsport TN

Small Town Charm - Kingsport TN

Correction: The shot labeled “Center Street” is actually Main Street.

Kingsport takes it’s name from a simplification of “King’s Port” which it was originally called. The town was used as a stopping and shipping point for travelers and goods that were destined for Knoxville, traveling on the Holston River, which eventually leads to the Tennessee River. Kingsport is home to Eastman Chemical Company, Domtar Paper Company, Holston Ammunition Plant, and many other industrial businesses. The city is currently undergoing a downtown renovation and revitalization project which has brought many small and locally owned businesses into the area, and has been the catalyst to the restoration of the historical buildings within the downtown area.

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  1. I live here too. It's a shithole, I hate it! If they had good-paying jobs I would already be out of here but they trap you here.

  2. born and raised her and I wished they would have added the parts that really make it beautiful like the scenery and not have focused on the newly restored areas

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  4. Heeyy. I’m coming on next Sunday to Kingsport 🙂 I’m staying there for 5 weeks and more 🙂 maybe it’s possible to meet you there 🙂 best greetings from Germany

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