Travel Agent For Hawaii : Hawaii Vacation Tips from an Expert

Travel Agent For Hawaii Video

Travel Agent For Hawaii

Hawaii Vacation Tips from an Expert

Hawaii Vacation Tips from an Expert

Expert recommendations for an amazing Hawaiian Vacation from Tripsy Travel Agency.

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  1. My secret. Go to Hawaii in December the first 2 weeks. Everyone is working and in school still. If you do not mind the cooler weather in general it’s awesome. You get the Christmas Vibe and it’s so quiet on the island. When we go there are only a few people on the beaches at anytime. I was there in summer and it was way to hot and to crowded.

  2. In a lump sum…how much do you think will be a good amount to spend on a trip to Honolulu? Flight, hotel, food, and activities included?

  3. Mahalo for the tips! Helpful indeed. However, we must say that our favorite is the island of Maui 🙂

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