Travel Agent For Disney World : 5 Reasons You Should Use a Travel Agent To Book A Disney Vacation

Travel Agent For Disney World Video

Travel Agent For Disney World

5 Reasons You Should Use a Travel Agent To Book A Disney Vacation

5 Reasons You Should Use a Travel Agent To Book A Disney Vacation

5 Reasons You Should Use a Travel Agent To Book A Disney Vacation

Why and when would you use a travel agent to book a disney vacation? here are some reasons it might be a smart choice for you, whether booking for disney world, disneyland, disney cruises or adventures by disney!

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  1. My wife is an agent through another agency. She had always enjoyed helping friends plan their trips and giving them tips, so why not help others too while making some money? She had worked with clients with all levels of knowledge about the parks, so you have the option to give the agent as much or little control of your trip as you feel comfortable with. Another big benefit is the ease of comparing your stay at different resorts. Whether you have a specific budget in mind or just want specific amenities, she can search all of the resorts more quickly and easily knowing what each offers ahead of time.

  2. Oh, PLANNING IS THE SECOND BEST PART of the whole experience! Part of the thing that made my decision to go THIS year was that I would get to have the fun of spending time looking at ALL the fun ways I can cram the Most vacation in for the Least money…Maybe Iā€™m weird, but I Love the Planning!

  3. I could never give up control and trust someone else to book my FP'es for me. They seriously are going to wait in front of their computer for 7:00am to hit and start booking your FP'es? How are they going to do that for multiple clients at the same time?

  4. Great video. We initially used one agency who specialize in Disney but found them quick and friendly until we had made the commitment and then uninterested after that. Now we use a different agent from a different agency and she is excellent. We, as in the family, do a lot of our own research but she's our specialist. She visits Disney regularly and always has honest advice. When planning off site activities, she gives her honest opinion and experience. She's always watching for discounts and applies them even though we've already booked. After a trip is over, we can contact her to ask questions or get advice for another time. So while we do book most of our activities ourselves, we love having her as our specialist. Can't imagine booking our trip without her

  5. Great video! I can use this info.Question for you. Do you know if they handle just domestic Disney vacations or international Disney vacations as well? Cause I'm thinking about doing Disneyland Paris. If they did help plan internationally that would be amazing šŸ˜

  6. This is awesome Ivy! Disney Vacations are one of my favorite kinds of vacations to book!! Wonderful job with this video today!

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