Travel Agent For Cruises : How to Find a Good Travel Agent For Your Cruise and More Vlog

Travel Agent For Cruises Video

Travel Agent For Cruises

How to Find a Good Travel Agent For Your Cruise and More Vlog

How to Find a Good Travel Agent For Your Cruise and More Vlog

Hi Cruisers, We have some great questions and tips for this weeks vlog including how to find a good travel agent for your cruise, but first a reminder to check out & Check out easy cruise search here: We’ll keep today’s vlog pretty short, but here’s what’s in this vid. We have a couple of questions about how to find a good travel agent for a cruise, and the question “can I bring water on a Royal Caribbean cruise. We take a look at Royal Caribbean’s official beverage policy, and discuss how it applies to bring bottled water on your cruise. We also look at the value of a cruise compared to a land vacation, and finally, we have an update on CruiseTipsTV t-shirts we’ve been working on.

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  1. What cruise line would you recommend for a single guy in his early 40s who still likes the frills water slides and stuff like that but I'm not crazy about a thousand Kids running around I'm thinking of going on Norwegian next but I I've heard that you pay for the Norwegian name

  2. Thanks for mentioning travel agents!! We can make planning vacations so much less stressful!
    LetsJet Travels!!
    Fantasy was our very first cruise out of charleston sc
    Just found your channel and even as a travel agent I love hearing of others Travels and always learning.
    Thanks for such an awesome topics!

  3. im sure you have already heard of T Spring as a company to sell your shirts through, some off the big family vloggers use them and bonus is they ship outside of the USA.

  4. Thank you for the tips! I will definitely so some research. I am also seeing in the comments about the port of New Orleans, so I will look into that as well.

  5. Hi Sheri, another great video as usual. Regarding water, I have found it has more to do with the port than the cruise line. I have found Ft. Lauderdale to be very lax in this regard. Security isn't run by cruise line employees and are mostly concerned with weapons and other dangerous items. Put you water in you carry on in many ports and it will be no problem. Last time in Ft. Lauderdale, people had cases on top of their luggage and nobody cared. Of course this is subject to change at any time. The only port I have been in lately that was aggressively pulling out water from carry on luggage was Manhattan. Port Caneveral and Miami have also not been a problem recently for us, we usually do take several bottles on board. To me, it is a silly policy by cruise lines that results in potential unsanitary conditions with people filling containers at water stations on the ship.

  6. To Monica, since I was about 16 I wanted to go on a cruise. I thought it would be expensive, when I got older I checked into going on one but my ex-husband would did not want to go. Finally when I was 36 I got to go on my first cruise. My mother and booked a last minute deal on with Our room was on a lower deck, we knew nothing about cruising. I thank it was about $700 for my mother and I. Also our ship was a older ship the NCL Jewel. We had so much fun, their was still lot to do on the ship. We both feel in love with cruising. After looking back on all the land vacations I have taken a cruise is so much affordable than land vacation. Their is a ship for all. (That is if like cruising) My suggest is 1) do a pro and cons list, 2) do not limit yourself to the closet port. I am about 500 miles from Galveston TX, but 650 from New Orleans. 3) say if we go on a cruise you be able to decide if you hate it or love it. If you hate it I never suggest it again, if you love it, than we go again. Tell them it is not your grandmother's cruise. Good luck hopefully you will not have to wait as long as I did to take your first cruise.

  7. For Monica: I'm not sure where you live in Alabama, but another option is the port of New Orleans. I'd think it might be another 1.5 to 2 hour drive for you guys but the Carnival Triumph and Carnival Dream cruise out of NOLA. We were on the Fantasy years ago and we loved it! The Triumph is one class up and 9 years newer than the Fantasy but we've never cruised on her. The Dream is 5 classes up and 19 years newer (we're booked for a Christmas cruise in Dece 2018 on the Dream, yay!). We've cruised on the Magic, which is the Dream's sister ship, and the Magic is our favorite Carnival ship so far. That gives you 3 options for pricing. But whatever you guys decide, you'll have a fantastic cruise… there is something about that 'first' cruise that is so magical! Good luck Monica!!!

  8. Monica Blackburn, maybe check into cruises out of New Orleans since you live in Alabama. That will give you more options. We have a couple of great ships. Just a thought!

  9. For Monica . The Fantasy is a good first cruise experience. And if budget is an issue, as it seems to be with your parents, Mobile is a good embarkation port to drive to, or possibly New Orleans if you want a cruise longer than 4 or 5 days. If you watch Cruise Tips TV vlogs on the Imagination, which is also a fantasy class ship, you get a very good idea about the layout of the ship and the food options, the entertainment etc. Don't think that you have to go on the biggest, the newest, and the most expensive ship to get a great cruise experience.

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