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Travel Agent Cruise

Should You Use A Travel Agent For A Cruise

Should You Use A Travel Agent For A Cruise

Hi Cruisers, Today we take a quick look at the question “Should you use a travel agent for a cruise”. But first, be sure to check out our friends at:

So, this question comes up a lot, and we feel like there really is no wrong answer. It really depends on you and what feels comfortable for you. While we typically will use a travel agent to book our cruises, we feel there good reasons to consider booking on your own. We will look at some of these reasons, and hopefully give you enough good information for you to decide what is best for booking your next cruise.

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  1. The only thing I see is that the travel agent will keep an eye on your reservation and if it goes down will save you money by getting you that same price. I am starting to look into our 25th Anniversary cruise. I know we are going on the Symphony of the Seas sometime March/April of 2022. Would love to just put a deposit down and then make payments and paying it off just before we go.

  2. I am trying to get a Royal Caribbean cruise i have looked online on their website but I don’t want to book online because have never been on a cruise before plus am very young am looking for cruise deals for my parent to book but I don’t know what travel agent company to use I swear to only go a Royal Caribbean but what travel agent company’s allow you to book Royal Caribbean is Thomson one of them etc plz reply???????!

  3. How does a travel agent get paid? Do I pay extra for my cruise so that the agent can get paid, does the cruise line pay them for bringing a customer, or another way?

  4. booked my 1st cruise on my own through NCL it was easy to do. Told her room type location away from elevators. got my 2 free perks,Ultimate Drink Package and gratuities be sailing on Epic April 6-13

  5. I called and asked an agency what was the advantage of booking thru them, and when they finished, I decided it wasn't for us! We don't care about the parties, bingo games, and extra "goodies". We really don't want the distractions.

  6. I can almost assure you if you’re booking directly through the cruise line, you’re probably over paying. The company that i work for, Vacations To Go, is the largest selling cruise agency in the world, and because of it, we have discounted rates. In the event that our prices are the same as the cruise line, you’ll get benefits like on board credit or other amenities… plus… why stress about booking a vacation when you can have an agent do it for you, give you tips, send out reminders, and book additional needs?

  7. I always booked direct through the cruise line with the same agent. No more! Last year we traveled for my husbands 50th Birthday. 5 cabins. 9 people. $8000. Not even a thank you note. A cake. Some strawberries. NOTHING!!!
    I have found a wonderful travel agent that has booked 3 cruises for me. Gave me a great price and so many perks!!!

  8. I never saw the point of a travel agent. I have not used one since the early 90's. I recently however transferred 2 cruises to one. The reason? because 1 is 12 months away and the other 18 months and in that time frame, RC will have lots of sales and price changes. Whilst I monitor the prices every weekend, getting hold of someone at the cruise line who will re-book the reservation with the new price can be difficult and time consuming. Now I have someone monitoring the prices and only an email away.

  9. Considering taking my first cruise and thinking a travel agent would be very helpful. Anymody have a recommendation for one in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

  10. I’m sooooo behind on my Viewing – but I wanted to weigh in. I work nights – all night, every night. 0900-1700 is when I’m asleep. I cannot cope with “normal business hours”. Therefore, I do all my
    Cruise Booking online, alone, at work, usually about 0300. If I HAVE to talk to someone, I do it via email. I’m a steadfast Carnival Cruiser (eat, sleep, go to The Punchliner!) so it’s worked out beautifully so far!!!!

  11. Thank you for this post. I am a travel agent and am pretty much available to my clients 24/7. I do a lot of research for every single reservation request to make sure my client is getting the most for his/her money. Once booked, I continue to monitor the reservation to make sure that if the fare is reduced, they get credited accordingly. I plan my clients vacation as if I was going with them. And much like your travel agent, I too send a little something to make their vacation extra special. I like to go above and beyond for my clients because if they're happy, I'm happy.

    So if anyone needs my services, please feel free to contact me:

    Thank you so much !!

  12. Been on 5 cruises, only one with a group of 12 through an agent that did not even schedule all of us with dinner at the same time, much less in the same area of dining room, 2 different floors. I was only person that did not know 10 of the people, just knew my son. We were unable to change from our table on a different floor than other 10. So I had a rather unhappy beginning of my cruise, not knowing anyone. I am never gonna use that or any travel agent to book again. Am heading on a cruise in Jan 2018, that started as just 2 of us, then 3 more added, and now up to 6 people. I was able to link all of us, and easily make changes, for all shows and dinner. Better than the so called agent we had last year.

  13. I love having my travel agent book my cruises. She got us a great deal on a Disney cruise, and while we were on that cruise, Disney reduced the prices on an upcoming cruise, and even though we were still gone, my travel agent booked us on that cruise at that reduced price knowing we wouldn't want to pass it up. She was right!! If it had not been for my travel agent looking ahead and looking out for us, we would have missed that great once-in-a-lifetime Disney deal (less than $100 per person per night for a 7-day)!

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