Travel Agent Complaints : Real Complaints Made To Travel Agents

Travel Agent Complaints Video

Travel Agent Complaints

Real Complaints Made To Travel Agents

Real Complaints Made To Travel Agents


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  1. I refuse to believe that there are people this stupid that have managed to survive into adulthood. Natural selection, where are you!?

  2. I would have laughed so hard if Flight Centre didn't fuck up mu holiday
    And then took my post down from Facebook
    This is the post

    Thanks for fucking up my honeymoon for me !!!When you go to a travel agent you expect everything will be done professionally

    I'm in a 27 hours detention at the Bali airport right now because you didn't do your job properly!!!

    Stupid of me believing when you go to someone supposed to be experts in the field
    You will be in good hands
    How do you not know for someone hold a British national overseas passport will need a visa to enter Indonesia
    (Partly my fault i should have double-check everything )

    Who ever is responsible for the training for new staffs
    You really need to pick up your game

    So now I'm at the airport waiting to be sent back to Melbourne while my poor hubby is in Bali alone for our honeymoon and his birthday

  3. The flight from New York-Ireland is 11 hours there and 5 hours back this makes no sense


  4. We had a client write an actual letter of complaint to Tui as there was no heinz tomato sauce at his hotel in the Dominican Republic, only unbranded sauce!!

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