Travel Agent Commission : #2 How Are Commissions Paid To Home Based Travel Agents?

Travel Agent Commission Video

Travel Agent Commission #2 How Are Commissions Paid To Home Based Travel Agents? #2 How Are Commissions Paid To Home Based Travel Agents?

New Instructional Video for InteleTravel Home Based Travel Agents. Easy step by step guide to how commissions are earned, when they are paid, how to calculate your share, and more! Understand how you earn when friends, family, coworkers and other customers purchase Cruises, Vacations, Tours, Hotel Rooms, Airline Tickets, Car Rentals, Travel Insurance & more. Travel the world. Share your stories. Earn a commission! Visit for more!

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  1. Hello, everyone. Can someone please connect with me. I would like to know more please. Thanks. Have a blessed day. x

  2. So random people with zero experience selling travel can now pay you a monthly fee to sell something they know nothing about?? Great job for making the travel industry look like complete morons !!

  3. I am looking forward working with good people and learning new things and I will be there for a long time God is in control of the life I'm looking for all I can do is say thanks….🙏

  4. If my commission is not coming from Justin's pocket, then wouldn't the cruise or hotel provide disincentives for referring others? After all, more money is coming from their bottom line.

  5. Tell your friends and other referrals how much you've earned and traveled. And how much you want them to…earn an easy second income – CASH back every time friends and family travel and enjoy all the other unique benefits of being an Independent Travel Agent with The personal recommendation of someone they know and trust – you! – will make all the difference.

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