Travel Agent At Home : Top 5 Things to know before becoming a Travel Agent

Travel Agent At Home Video

Travel Agent At Home

Top 5 Things to know before becoming a Travel Agent

Top 5 Things to know before becoming a Travel Agent

Cyndi Williams, Travel Industry Expert, shares the top 5 things you need to know if you are considering a career as a Travel Agent.

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  1. I already work for as a travel consultant for Safaris mainly. But I wish to open my company but I want this to be a Honeymoon focused travel. So I want to get certified as an IATA agent for flights and all. When I get the certificate do I automatically get the IATA right to book flights.

  2. Thanks for the info I am looking for a new career and this is something I have been thinking of doing for a while. I am going back to school on January and thinking I might try this part time.

  3. Hi Cyndi!
    New subscriber here!
    I am in the stage of switching my career in to a travel agent!

    Looking for some info and i found you! very helpful!thank u!!

    God bless and more power!!

  4. Excellent suggestions. Great video. I have been researching how to get into the travel field and your advice will be taken into consideration going forward.

  5. so just a question, if you're passionate about travel, but never traveled, but still want to become a travel agent, is it still possible?

  6. just found this video, a year old now lol. but I think it still fits today? thank you for the info! I have been told a few times I should be a travel agent. I recently started focusing in on my travel show and thought it might be a good fit. I have traveled a lot and love to travel. Love helping others to have a great vacation and travel. I have been approached many times from "Home based travel agents" to try and get into their MLM Travel businesses.

  7. I attempted to join the free masterclass, but the video never started. I refreshed several times and it says " hi welcome to the webinar" and "on air", but just a black screen vs a video.

  8. Hi Cindy. I'd like to know how can I identify a good host from a bad host and is Evolution travel a good host? Thank you

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