Travel Against Medical Advice : Going Against Medical Advise

Travel Against Medical Advice Video

Travel Against Medical Advice

Going Against Medical Advise

Going Against Medical Advise

Camera Equipment:
Iphone 7 plus
Phantom 4 pro
Sony A600
Canon 5d mark iii
Gopro silver 4

Instagram: Cindyfloresphotography
Facebook: Cindy flores

If you have any question about Honduras or my Transplant please feel free to leave them down below! I enjoy talking to everyone! God bless!

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  1. I will be getting a kidney transplant My friend is donating her kidney to me. Like to talk with you Cindy. Thank You your are my inspiration to me

  2. My kidney transplant done on 9-8-17 and i fill better but my creatinine till today flactuate from 1.2 -1.5 my techrograf dose level not set till today and i am from india but i dont want to wear a mask in outside or any places it can be happen and when i am ready for going to outside And join the job or do my all normal life work.

  3. Hi Cindy, congratulations on your recent kidney transplant. But I hope you haven't exposed yourself to any germs during the trip and being swimming in the sea! Please take care you just got over the transplant and you want to do everything the team advice you to do. I am waiting for a transplant hopefully but into kidney failure stsge 5. xoxo

  4. Hi Cindy, hope you had a great time in Honduras. I am getting a kidney transplant but just waiting on a date for august hopefully. Is there a certain time you have to wait till you can travel etc after a transplant?

  5. I can't wait to do the same I had my kidney transplant June 11th and everything is working out pretty good so far. I love videos I watched them up until I had my transplant but traveling is something I know I'm going to do in the future

  6. Beautiful! Hope u had a great time. I totally understand the feeling of transplant freedom, lol don't leave the country but went to Florida Disney World and other parks with friends. did not ask doctor, lol I knew better but survived , was very cautious.

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