Travel Against Earth Rotation : Why Isn't It Faster To Fly West?

Travel Against Earth Rotation Video

Travel Against Earth Rotation

Why Isn't It Faster To Fly West?

Why Isn't It Faster To Fly West?

If the earth is spinning to the east at 1000 miles per hour… why can’t we fly west more easily?
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  1. Since gravity is constant, and a fan at the equator can blow a pleasant breeze from it. At 45 degrees North (or South), the fan should not blow the air since gravity can hold the atmosphere still at a rate of about 1000 mph. We know fans work, so why can't this strong gravitational field keep a fan from blowing air? After you have answered that…..explain how a plane landing on a North/South axis doesn't crash from a severe cross-wind landing!

  2. This video explains NOTHING. It's peppered with "fillers" (random scientific info) like current movements and the Gulf Stream that have nothing to do with the subject matter and are designed to divert attention and bluff smug globetard morons like the ones commenting in this section. It's impossible to have West-East air movements AND random wind movements at the same time.Take a few minutes and think how much he makes no sense whatsoever. Don't be manipulated. Moving at -900 km/h relativistically speaking gets you AWAY from your target. In ANY scenario. Period.
    And the moron who made that video is a know nothing hipster who knows nothing about science and is just manipulating you with the tone and pacing of his voice. This is the technique they use. DON'T BE FOOLED.

  3. Burma and America doesn't mean the world these are just the only stupid countries left in the world who can't see how metric system is relevant

  4. The earth is spinning a little over 1,000 miles per hour and is traveling through space in orbit around the sun at 65,000 miles per hour and is said to be moving with our solar system at over 100,000 miles per hour in an upward direction as space expands. And we are the perfect distance from the sun, so that we don't freeze to death or burn up and so that we have four seasons. The gravity of all the planets and their moons make for a positive movement for earth's climates and water flows, like a perfectly calibrated clock, and the list goes on. God is truly amazing.

  5. I just learned that I am spinning with 1600km/h….and I think I am still….imagine if earth JUST FICKING STOP FOR A SPLIT SECOND….BYE HUMAN RACE

  6. My drone hovering for 20 minutes in the same spot disproves this nonsense. Coriolis effect is a theory, just look at the Nile River, it crosses the equator unaffected . Ever seen a man wise in his own opinion? There is more hope from a fool than from him.

  7. You don't take a glider to do a plane's mission. You don't walk when a horse and eventually the car can do it. You don't swim and dive when a boat and a submarine can. You dont take a plane when a space shuttle can. Period.

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