Travel Against Earth Rotation : Spinning earth | Flight time calculations

Travel Against Earth Rotation Video

Travel Against Earth Rotation

Spinning earth | Flight time calculations

Spinning earth | Flight time calculations

After all what I’ve learned from school books, I had to do some calculations about a recent flight I took on our spinning earth. The result is amazing.

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    Have you ever wondered why, after thousands of years of human history, there is NOT ONE recorded incident by anyone-oral or written-that they have felt the earth move under their feet (excluding earthquakes, avalanches and other isolated events)?

    Because it just doesn't!



  2. If earth spinnes why fly a plane just wait in the baloon location will come itself. So how many hours it take to come back?

  3. Yes, you missed something. First off, your final calculation doesn't give you a speed. It gives you the DISTANCE travelled! You already know the speed considering you gave it in your equation. Secondly, I'm calling BS on your flight time. There's no way it only took 4 hrs 20 mins to fly from Amsterdam to Mexico City. Quick Google search shows the flight is supposed to take 11hr 30 min which is right in line with what it should be given your speed. 5864 miles/517mph= roughly 11 hrs 20 mins (give or take due to winds and varying flight speeds). The equation needed to calculate how the speed needed to cover the distance in that amt of time is 5864 x 4hr20min which is around 25,500mph! No way you travelled that fast. Prove your flight actually took 4 hrs 20 mins and then I may believe you.

  4. Ever heard of wind ? Oh no wind is a hologram right. Whatever. Have you ever jumped while on a train moving at a steady pace ? Trains use flat wheels by the way their roundness is just an impression set up for marketing.

  5. The only thing I can think of is was the flight path direct and did you take in account for wind direction. But yeah I’m trying to figure this out. Your math seems correct if flight path is perfect and speed was perfect. Crazy man

  6. Calculations at rotational constant are worn. 4h20m from ams to mex is supersonic. Remember mph means miles per HOUR

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