Travel After Hysterectomy : How to Out of Bed Safely After a Hysterectomy

Travel After Hysterectomy Video

Travel After Hysterectomy

How to Out of Bed Safely After a Hysterectomy

How to Out of Bed Safely After a Hysterectomy

Learn how to out of bed safely and minimise pain after a hysterectomy with Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway from http:/ Practical demonstration and tips to help you to reduce discomfort when moving and to reduce pressure on your pelvic floor and wound. Knowing these two easy steps for how to move when recovering from abdominal hysterectomy or vaginal hysterectomy will help your overall hysterectomy recovery.

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  1. Thanks for the vid. Today is April 4, 2019. Just had a hysterectomy on April 2. I am not having fun lol. Cant laugh, sneeze or cough without pain. I have congestion as well 😤

  2. I am 26 and am having my hysterectomy on the 20th this month. I am so scared. I remember when I was little the pain my mama went through, so I am dreading it! Thank you for the informational video. I am doing my research before hand.

  3. Wish I researched this before my surgery. I just had a myomectomy a week ago and the bed is the biggest struggle.

  4. I wished I'd known this before. I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle 8 weeks post-op. Partial hysterectomy 17cm fibroid and uterus removal, 7 inch incision bikini line. It's no joke.

  5. I had an abdominal hysterectomy 2 weeks and 6 days ago and am still using this method as a precaution but when can I just sit up and lie strait back in bed like normal? I am recovering well. I still have swelling should I wait until the swelling goes away?

  6. my mother gallblader ND UTRUS REMOVED few days before but now she is feeling pain in her bally battn and surrounding areas.kindly advice me what to

  7. I am having an abdominal hysterectomy on May 23 and this still looks like it is going to really pull on the abdominals a lot! I've been trying this now, and have a difficult time with doing it without pulling my stomach! I can imagine what it's going to be like after Wednesday! I'm very worried and nervous about it!!!!! Thank you for your video and I hope it helps others!

  8. I just had a adominal hysterectomy done on march 29 they never taught me how tk get in and out of bed and im still having problems.

  9. 1 day post laparoscopic hysterectomy. This video just save me! The hardest part so far is not so much thed pain but getting supine position to upright. I actually laid and cried until BF woke up to help me. In the house all by myself, getting out of the bed was the most difficult part of day 1. Thank you

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