Travel After Hernia Surgery : My Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgery and Recovery

Travel After Hernia Surgery Video

Travel After Hernia Surgery

My Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgery and Recovery

My Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgery and Recovery

I had an inguinal hernia repair surgery on December 13th, 2012, and recorded this video throughout the procedure and during my recovery period. The hernia was in my groin area on the right side and was causing discomfort, especially when I was standing still for extended periods. The problem was that you aren’t supposed to lift more than 10 pounds for 4 weeks after the surgery, and I travel regularly as part of my career. I first noticed the hernia in August but had to wait until December because I had a busy travel schedule during the fall season. If I didn’t do the operation during this window, I would have to wait until a year later in December 2013. So I decided to get it done.

The doctor described a number of risk factors associated with hernia surgery, including extensive bruising and possible chronic pain. They insert a mesh screen where the hernia is located and the chronic pain can sometimes result from the body not accepting that mesh. In those cases, although rare, the only final solution is to remove the mesh screen, which of course results in the same hernia you started with. Anyway, I know a lot of people who have had hernia repair surgeries and none of them have experienced any problems as a result.

This video has clips from before the surgery, immediately following the surgery and during the three days following the surgery. I hope it provides some guidance for others who might be preparing for similar procedures themselves. I also hope those who watch this video will share their own thoughts and experiences in the comment section below. Thank you for watching and for reading this extended description as well!

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  1. Had a hernia operation about 2 months ago , big hernia , open surgery but went well and everything is back to normal bit of pain lots of stiffness big bit of advice walk , walk a lot it gets the blood flowing and really helps with the stiffness , oh and it took 4 days and a lot of laxitives before I went to the toilet 😥 great video not overly dramatic and informative but again walk do it a lot 😁

  2. I had an indirect inguinal hernia surgery and it was quite deep. After surgery and the days following my left testicle was swollen and quite bruised as the hernia went down the inguinal canal. im on day 3 and still havent gone to washroom,,, but pain is going down, went for short walk outside today. Taking pain killers and Ibuprofen. Quite swollen still but pain subsiding.

  3. I'm 31 bro … I am having inguinal hernia.. is mesh safe.. how much time it takes to recover.. how is the life after surgery..

  4. How you feel now bro.?..
    Can you now carry heavy or light weight,
    How it feels when you streaching your body.
    Please inform.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. thanks for the video bro, am also 41 years old and want to go for surgery, your information will help me a lot to be prepare. 🙂 thanks again

  6. Very informative video watched this video just before my surgery 48 hours ago, was extremely nervous but this eased some of my concerns you’re not wrong the pain in that first 24 hours was inexplicably, don’t be a hero take your painkillers, you’ll want em. 48 hours later now I can walk around fine with manageable pain, I struggle to lay down or sit up without the pain but walking around no troubles. My balls are black and blue which is a bit unsightly but apparently very common. Am also experiencing same dilemma with BM have taken stool softeners hoping they work their magic otherwise I’m getting suppository tomorrow.

  7. Anybody else get sharp pains above the area like he describes? From the top of the incision to the bottom of my left rib cage. Depending on how I move I get a super sharp crampy pain. Most of my pain is a solid 3-5 inches above the incision. I'm one week post OP today and really hoping it starts to diminish quickly

  8. My daughter is about to have this surgery at the end of May, 2019. I will take care of her and the dog until she says she is ok.

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