Travel After Graduation : WHY I CHOSE TRAVEL OVER A CAREER!

Travel After Graduation Video

Travel After Graduation



After 3 years of studying, I decided to walk away from the career I thought I wanted for a long time and hit the road full time! Here is why I chose travel over a career and why I’ll never regret it!

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  1. This is a great perspective. You can also use travel to find a career. With a degree and a tefl certificate you can teach English anywhere in the world. I just signed up to get the certificate in Thailand at the end of the year, with employment guranteed at completion

  2. This resonates so much with me, although I'm doing it the opposite way round to you. I left school and went straight to work because I had no idea what to do with my life. However, I always wanted to travel, but life just kept getting in the way. I eventually went away to Australia solo for 6 months when I was 28. Best decision of my life. I loved it. When I got back it made me think about what else I wanted from life, and one of those things was a university degree. So again, I went ahead and signed myself up and I am currently studying for an English Lit degree with plans to go on to masters and PhD so I can become a university lecturer. By going travelling, it opened me up to find out what I really wanted from life. And of course, I still want to travel. I've been on two short holidays solo and have another booked for later this year. To have a career is important to me, but so is travel. I want to visit as many new places in the world as I can.

  3. Dealing with a lot of people tearing me down for the goals I have. I needed this SO MUCH. I know this is almost four years old, but I'm so grateful for this video. Thank you so much Allie.

  4. Impossible to just quit and travel, adult life traps you. It obligates you with a mortgage and bills. Selling up and seeing the shortfall of income brings on guilt and sadness. Money eventually runs out when traveling…

  5. Inspired, at a young age I wanted to own my own business and I did. But I got distracted and got caught up with the whole “go to school to be successful”

  6. Thanks for the amazing video as ever! I think that the two don't have to be mutually exclusive and that one has to pick one over the other. As you have experienced, travel can define your future career and change the direction that it may take, or bring you to somewhere else in the world that you can do what you love doing best! I agree that it is important not to rush into the rat race as fast as your legs can carry you, and that if you have studying you want to do not to rush through it just to get that dream job straight after school… You may find out if you haven't opened your eyes to other opportunities along the way that when you get there it may not be that dream job after all. I think at the end of the day the most important thing is to do what makes you happy, and to look beyond one's immediate horizons in finding out what that is…. With that as your mindset who knows where in the world that might take you…..

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