Travel After College : I'm $23,000 in Debt. Can I Travel After Graduation as a Gift to Myself?

Travel After College Video

Travel After College

I'm ,000 in Debt. Can I Travel After Graduation as a Gift to Myself?

I'm ,000 in Debt. Can I Travel After Graduation as a Gift to Myself?

I’m ,000 in Debt. Can I Travel After Graduation as a Gift to Myself?

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  1. Didn't he say $4-5k and then a few minutes later Dave acted like it was the entire $12k bonus? Although after tax theft its closer to that anyway.

  2. Do what you want to do dude. Why would you call a show to ask if you can take a vacation, bc deep down they know they shouldn’t 😆 😂

  3. Go travel man. It’s worth it. I had some debt too but if I hadn’t have travelled to South America after school I wouldn’t have met who is today my wife.

    Traveling does something to you and is good for the soul. All this is coming from a die hard Dave Ramsey fan.

    Some things in life are worth it.

  4. Take the signing bonus, pay off the debt, then for his vacation he can go on his trip. I wish I was in his shoes when I graduated. I had 23k debt as well, but started out at 45k a year. Still paying my debt after 2 years.

  5. Do it. Once your working you'll never be able to take two weeks in a row for vacation much less two weeks in Europe. He won't miss the money in a year but likely not a couple weeks in a row.

  6. Ur making 80k ur single so ur really making 60k congrats way to join poverty class after ur degree as middle class is now defined as anyone making 100k to 200k and rich is anything above 250k

  7. I mean if the government is over 200trillion in debt why not take on a whole shii ton of debt I mean after all fyck it that's the method we live by now a days I'm 25 and only have 4k saved running to work back and forth 2miles little to no debt and I'm a millenial I'm basically doomed no matter what I do if I wait another 5yrs maybe I can come up with 10k with a lot of frugality but by then I'll be 30 half of my life would have been spent saving for a decent car at 5k and then emergency savings at another 5k then I'm poor again welcome to America it's just like Syria only with foodstamps and welfare

  8. Personally I'd wait a year. He hasn't even started his job yet, he needs what we call in german (ironically😁) "sattelfestigkeit" = saddle streangth. I'd just want to feel a little more secure before taking on a whole new load of debt. But you know, whatever, it's his decision.

  9. This guy must have "checked all the right boxes". Myself and many of my classmates couldn't get jobs straight out of school to save our lives.. that's America…

  10. I would pay off the debt, then go to Europe next year and pay cash for it, Don't go into additional debt just to take a vacation, which only gives you memories but the additional debt is real.

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