Travel Across Europe : 8 Budget Tips to Travel Europe on $30/Day

Travel Across Europe Video

Travel Across Europe

8 Budget Tips to Travel Europe on /Day

8 Budget Tips to Travel Europe on /Day

Europe is NOT as expensive as people make it seem to be!!!

I’ve spent more than 1 year of my life in Europe, visiting every single country on the continent, and I promise you it’s not as expensive as you think… Traveling around Europe can EASILY be done on /day, as long as you prioritize your expenses. No more excuses!

Anyone else agree with me?

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  1. Visit the cozy edge of the north of Ukraine. Beautiful parks, old trees, birds singing and quiet lake creek. Perfect for those who love ethno-tourism. Welcome!
    1. Trostyanets, Sumy region
    2. Trostyanets, Chernihiv region
    3. Kachanovka, Chernihiv region

  2. Hey drew thank you for your tips, i did follow them on my lost vacation to Europe and its saved me a lot of money, i hopes that you'll have a new ideas and tips next year.

  3. I want to be nice and supportive. You just need to give me some information that I have never heard. I figured I would know if you. Not Hall. Please dig deeper to give me new tips

  4. Some great tips, never heard of the flixbus before – looks a good way to get some countries ticked off 👍

  5. unlimited eurail pass is too pricey! i'm confused why you suggest that as well as cheap flights and busses? back when i traveled, i used to learn about options, they always suggested buying point to point rail tix after i input my itineraries.
    another suggestion, buy open jaw tickets – fly in & out of different cities.

  6. My advice. Bump your budget up to $50/day to live very comfortably in most countries on European continent. If you're going to travel, might as well be comfortable doing it. My budget is $50/day (but I often spend between $31-45/day INCLUDING ACCOMMODATION and live very comfortably with a private (aesthetic) apartment, eating our multiple times a day (and plenty of alcohol and other drinks), and entertainment. To cut it short, I never have to worry about finances.

  7. I am happy you mentioned Wizzair 😂 Booked a flight with them and the website looked so sketchy, it was all in Croatian and it just really worried me. I had never heard of them before either.

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