Travel Above Light Speed : Why You Can Never Reach the Speed of Light: A Visualization of Special Relativity

Travel Above Light Speed Video

Travel Above Light Speed

Why You Can Never Reach the Speed of Light: A Visualization of Special Relativity

Why You Can Never Reach the Speed of Light: A Visualization of Special Relativity

This video is an entry for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2015 which gives a unique visualization of Special Relativity using hyperbolic geometry.

This idea was inspired by the famous woodcut by M.C. Escher Circle Limit III.

I liked the idea of making a video on Special Relativity because I had already explored the use of M.C. Escher’s woodcut Circle Limit III as a teaching tool for explaining the hyperbolic geometry of Minkowski spacetime. The main intuition is that the principle of Relativity asserts that the manifold of frames of reference is homogeneous and isotropic, and there are exactly three geometries associated with this: Sphere (which exists as rotations through space), Plane (which represents Galilean Relativity) and the Hyperbolic Plane (which exists as rotations through spacetime).

I wanted to find a way to use this intuition without overwhelming the audience with technical terms. When the timelike unit vectors in 2+1 spacetime (which correspond to velocity four-vectors) are projected onto a disk (see Wikipedia: “Hyperboloid model”), the result is the Poincare Disk Model, which is (almost) the geometry portrayed in Circle Limit III. I had never seen anyone to use this as a visualization of Special Relativity, and so I decided to make the video.

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  1. The reason no one can ever reach the speed of light is because LIGHT retains its own rules. Alpha beta waves and thats all. These waves have no other way to work. The question is what does LIGHT have to do with space travel? Really nothing.Its only that LIGHT waves are independent of themselves. The second reason .. light does apply to space travel is its constant. You might say because light waves are constant you cant go slower then light. LIGHT has nothing to do space travel think about. Only its the fastest thing known and still known but its not a speed limit because if it were a speed limit to what> the object in motion at any velocity travels thru space. The question that should be asked is '' what is space ''? refer to Rodney Kawecki latest videos.

  2. sorry but you have taken constancy of speed of light to constancy of hyperbolic plane…so this does not seem like a proof why speed of light cannot be exceeded

  3. hold up if you were moving at 10mph to cross into another tile then when it go smaller you would move more tiles across so taking 10 mph to move across one lets say 50 cm tile you would go the same distance as with 2 25 cm tiles

  4. All over the Internet, respected scientists say matter any energy cannot move faster than the speed of light. An equal number say the universe at its creation did so and is still expanding faster than the speed of light today. Small wonder that Creationists always have a booming business.

  5. NEVER..? let's see…… LIGHT are the containers of consciousness we call..(..for all practical purposes..).we call GOD. We are inside a force field called SOURCE-FIELD CONSCIOUSNESS This consciousness is actually EVERYWHERE PRESENT and I AM ALL THAT IS, and THERE IS NOTHING OUTSIDE OF ME…I AM… So, if you are GOD, just the thought of going to Venus,….you're already there……faster than the speed of light. after all, light is your creation. I GUESS YOU ARE NOT GOD….so, yes. that would really be impossible.

  6. I discovered a faster than light movement in an accident. One day, I ate some bad foods and had diarrhea. As my tummy upset was getting more intense I ran to the bathroom and reached for the light switch. As soon as my fingers made the switch and BEFORE light came out it was all out already! It turns out special relativity doesn't hold in this special case. 🙂

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