Travel Above Arctic Circle : TROMSØ, Norway: above the arctic circle!

Travel Above Arctic Circle Video

Travel Above Arctic Circle

TROMSØ, Norway: above the arctic circle!

TROMSØ, Norway: above the arctic circle!

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Featuring these places in Tromsø:
00:07 – Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen / Oslo Airport
00:15 – Norwegian Air Shuttle from Oslo to Tromsø take off
00:28 – Tromsø Lufthavn Langnes / Tromsø Airport landing
00:59 – Langnes kitesurfing
01:15 – Polaria view
01:39 – Storsteinen (and Fjellheisen / Mountain elevator)
02:18 – Bruvegen / The bridge connecting Tromsø centrum with Tromsdalen
02:22 – Ishavskatedralen / The Arctic Cathedral
02:35 – Hurtigruten boat (Kong Harald)
02:40 – Tromsø Tourist information / DNT Office (Roald Amundsens Plass)
02:43 – Havnegata, Stortorget and Storgata (shopping street)
02:53 – Strandtorget
02:56 – Tromsø Domkirke / Tromsø Cathedral
03:02 – Tromsø Bibliotek / The city library
03:10 – Kirkegata (with Tromsø’s best (and only?) tourist shop)
03:14 – Kaien (the harbour)
03:24 – Nerstranda shopping center (Go to Jekta Storsenter if you like a big mall)
03:27 – Jordbær Pikene at Nerstranda Senter
03:30 – Polaria
04:01 – Beautiful area behind Polaria and at Hålogaland teater (theatre)
04:22 – Nordic Choice Hotel – Comfort hotel The Edge Tromsø REVIEW (room, view and breakfast)!
06:32 – Tromsø Lufthavn Langnes / Tromsø Airport terminal and take offf
07:12 – Oslo Jernbanetorget (in front of the central station)
07:17 – The completely renovated Østbanehallen, turned into a food hall
07:29 – Oslo Sentralstasjon / Oslo S
07:35 – Bjørvika bridge (end scene)

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  1. Hi friends. We are going to Tromso this October. You know anything about the weather time on that season of the year? I'm afraid it will be raining there and we miss the city and the lights…

  2. You always make good videos. It’s also a nice touch that you put the name of the place and some info. Keep it up. Thanks.

  3. Is northern lights watch dependent on weather? There’s no 100% guarantee you’ll see it anytime you get there?

  4. يا حبذا لو ترسلو لي صورا من هذه المناظر الرائعه
    سوف اكون شاكرا فظلكم

  5. We're just about to make a trip to Tromso at the end of March. If you don't mind, i'll take this video as a reference! Thanks for your time.

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