Travel 75 Of The Time : "The Commandant's Own" 75th Anniversary: A Travel Through Time

Travel 75 Of The Time Video

Travel 75 Of The Time

"The Commandant's Own" 75th Anniversary: A Travel Through Time

"The Commandant's Own" 75th Anniversary: A Travel Through Time

A special tribute, in pictures, to “The Commandant’s Own” and their 75th year of consistent and honorable service to the United States Marine Corps and to our nation.

Enjoy and Semper Fi!

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  1. I don't know how you can top this video Gary but I also know you will pull out the stops for 2019….thanks so much for your commitment to our Corps

  2. I watched this with admiration for a man beloved by thousands of drum corps fans. It was an honor and an unforgettable experience to have served with him in the USAF Drum and Bugle Corps and Pipe Band.

  3. My eyes got all misty to see the photos of Colonel Crawford.

    If the Army or the Navy ever gaze on Heaven's scenes on a Wednesday night, they will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines …. standing-to for Parade conducted by Tru and Commandant's Own "alumni."
    Never forgotten.

  4. Everytime I think about travelling back to DC for a parade, I just watch this. Excellent, excellent job, Gary. Simply outstanding. Fideli Certa Merces, Dave

  5. Excellent video. It captured both the professionalism of the D&BC as a unit and individual members in candid moments. And with the John Williams soundtrack, it became even more powerful and moving. Kudos and Semper Fi

  6. Well done! I love the section shots and the candids, especially the majors with the big heads! Keep playing those 2-valve Gs!

  7. NIce shots of Col. Crawford through the years, a drum corps legend. He performed for 9 US Pesidents and when he retired he wa the oldest Marine on active duty. (Gotta admire the fact that he rose up from the enlisted ranks as well ….)

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