Travel 6 Months Before Passport Expires : Passport Issues: Can I Travel with Only 6 Months Left on My Passport? NO!

Travel 6 Months Before Passport Expires Video

Travel 6 Months Before Passport Expires

Passport Issues: Can I Travel with Only 6 Months Left on My Passport? NO!

Passport Issues: Can I Travel with Only 6 Months Left on My Passport? NO!

Will my passport work if it only has six months left on it? Why didn’t they let me into the country when my passport was still valid? These are some questions people have about their passport. Just so you know you should have at least six months left on your passports validity when you are going to travel abroad. Otherwise you may be denied entry. It depends on the country that you are traveling to and where your passport is from.
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What to Do If You Lose Your Passport

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  1. I just got fucked by this 3 month rule trying to fly to Berlin
    Lost C$500, never again shall I make this mistake…I am going to watch all your videos about these rules and stuff because these stuff is something few people know unfortunetly and billions are lost because of it

  2. Please answer me
    im a greencard holder
    my passport is valid until 13 Oct 2019
    and im exiting USA 13 March 2019 And im entering USA 28 April 2019
    can i still use my passport?

    just want to know if im entering USA i have problem?

  3. Mine expires 25 November 2018. I'm going to Roll the Dice for my Travel to Hong Kong (1Month Passport Validity) and Thailand (6 Month Validity) in 2 weeks. Wish me Luck. I should be back 18th of September from this trip.

  4. im planning to travel this coming july,my passport is valid of 9months when i travel,but i already applied for a new one and currently processing for 2months,can i still used my current passport to travel while the new one is still processing?

  5. UK is not part of Schengen so they'll allow US travelers in. Schengen Treaty countries require the 3+3 rule.

  6. Wolters world is such a nice world to be in! Such useful channel and so good to see how well you take care of your kids!

  7. If you are a US citizen, you can enter Costa Rica as long as your passport is valid one day after you enter. There is no 6 month rule. This was confirmed by the Costa Rican embassy in Washington, DC.

  8. How a passport can be renewed if it is still valid ? The passport authorities may refuse to comply with regulations of certain countries which disregard expiry dates mentioned. Legal actions may be time-consuming.

  9. Ya know that is so true. Last year, I took a trip over to India and I didn't know you needed a visa to get into the country. I only had a passport. The TSA AGENT was kind enough to help me get an emergency visa took several hours, but eventually I got it

  10. I'm from Iceland and I went to Finland in February. My passport expired like 3 days after I came home and there was no problem with that

  11. Glad that I saw this video. Now I checked my papers and realized that my passport is already expired but I go on vacation in 5 weeks. Now I still have enough time to get a new one. Thanks for this upload!

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