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How to Sell Travel Photos to a Magazine

How to Sell Travel Photos to a Magazine

I get asked how to sell travel photos all the time. One of those ways is to magazines. This is a “how to” guide to selling photos that way.
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In general, selling photos is hard. But, it’s even harder if you want to try to sell travel photos to a magazine or newspaper. In this photography video from Taipei, Taiwan I walk you through the entire process of selling travel photos to a magazine or another publication. This guide is full of tips for selling photos, or for putting together a travel photography story in general.
I think there’s lots of advice in there for new photographers or even just photographers who are looking to make some money when they’re travelling.
Hopefully this helps you understand one of the many ways in which you can sell photos online and make money. Of course, this is one of the best ways to get your photography published.
Next up, a little bit of photo gear as I talk about the Canon EOS RP.



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  1. hi can you make a guide on how to edit travel photos for a magazine?
    is it important to make it look natural? or maybe use some presets to make it look more cinematic? etc etc. thank you!

  2. I would never want to become a travel photographer – I hate traveling … 😉 But your tips are true for nearly every area of photography. This was a very interesting video to watch!

  3. Flying home to Manila? Is that where you call home? Again, thanks for getting me out of the house per say on an amazing trip to the orient!

  4. Thank you so much for all this information and inspiration! 3 questions:
    1.) If two magazines get back to you saying they want your story do you send the same one to both, choose one magazine to submit to, or write different versions for each magazine?
    2.) Do you write a blurb, wait for acceptance then write the story. Or write the whole thing straight away
    3.) What is a good market rate for travel stories/photos?

    Thanks so much and keep on doing what you do 😊👍🏼

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