Travel 4 Advisory : What It’s Like to Work at Big 4 Advisory Consulting! [PwC/EY/Deloitte/KPMG] (Experience & Benefits!)

Travel 4 Advisory Video

Travel 4 Advisory

What It’s Like to Work at Big 4 Advisory Consulting! [PwC/EY/Deloitte/KPMG] (Experience & Benefits!)

What It’s Like to Work at Big 4 Advisory Consulting! [PwC/EY/Deloitte/KPMG] (Experience & Benefits!)

I’ve been working at the Big 4 within Advisory Technology Consulting for a few years, and would like to share my experience around what that is like. Hope this proves to be helpful for anyone that would like to work at Big 4. Great place to move forward with your career!

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

Video is broken down into the following sections:
1. Work
2. Growth
3. Job Titles/Structure
4. Travel
5. Personality
6. Expectations
7. Benefits

1. Is Consulting Right for You?
2. Reasons to Try Consulting:
3. Fishbowl:
4. ManagementConsulted:

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  1. Hey Edward, great video! I have a master degree and one year of full time working experience in in house HR. I want to get into advisory (Tech preferably, if not, HR consulting). I have some consulting experience in school in a professional student org. But what do you suggest me to do to prepare and apply into consulting as an experienced hire? How likely can I enter as an outsider? Thanks Edward!

  2. Hey thanks for your videos! I watched your content related to the big four and it helped tremendously with reducing anxiety in my interviews. I recently accepted an offer from EY. Take care!

  3. Great video! How would you recommend someone become a tech consultant as an undergraduate in Economics . What qualifications and skills should I start working towards?
    And demonstrate an interest to employers?

  4. Hey! Out of curiosity – Have you seen someone transition from assurance to advisory/consulting at your firm? Do you know how likely they are to allow you to do so?

  5. Good video – thanks! Do you have a video on how to make the transition into advisory for experienced profiles (from industry)? Thanks!

  6. thanks for the video. currently in my back half of undergraduate and am stuck between consulting and advisory. did you always know you wanted to do consulting, and if not how did you make the choice between the two?

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