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Travel 15 Video

Travel 15



We were traveling by car around Scotland for 10 days, now in easter. The Highlands were my favourite part of the trip! Hope you enjoy.

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Places in the video:
0:12 – Glencoe
0:33 – Eileen Donan Castle
0:47 – Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness
0:59 – Duntottar Castle
1:33 – Isle of Skye
1:42 – Ruins of Elgin Cathedral
2:16 – Cromarty fisherman’s town
2:29 – Dunrobin Castle
2:46 – The devil’s pulpit
3:24 – Inverness


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  1. Dunnottar Castle is not the highlands it's the north east, lots of people confuse it with the highlands if they are not from Scotland but generally it is considered highlands if you have passed through glenshee or past braemar if you are in that area. I can assure you this as I live 15 minutes from Dunnottar and it's definetly not the highlands

  2. Did you have a camper van or a car… And did you pre boom accommodation, or did you wing it…. Great video by the way… We are heading over in March / April next year…. And we are thinking of a camper for 5 weeks… Thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing video!! Hey I grew up about 2 miles from where you were at 1.57! The hill you see across the water is Struie hill. Its not too high but you get a great view of the Dornoch firth from up there. Also, on an autumn evening if weather is right (everything depends on weather in Scotland) and you get a nice sunset, its really cool to see the orange and purple sky contrast with the hills to the west and water of the firth! – Its one of my favourite places to be, so beautiful and tranquil. I recognised quite a lot of the places you visited. I hope you enjoyed your time here, and have great memories! It looks like weather was fairly kind to you for most of it!

  4. Olá 🙂 Tenho uma sugestão. Não sei o que pensas em relação a isto mas eu pessoalmente gosto muito de ver vlogs/videos de viagens em que as pessoas também falam e explicam onde estão ou o que vão ver etc. Podias experimentar fazer e ver o que achas.
    É apenas uma ideia, continuo a gostar muito dos vídeos que fazes, beijinhos!

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