Trav L Park : holiday trav- l- park for campers

Trav L Park Video

Trav L Park

holiday trav- l- park for campers

holiday trav- l- park for campers

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  1. Very nice campground. 55 bucks a night seems kinda fare to me with all the amenities they offer like the bands and hayrides and free beach parking.

  2. I laugh when I watch your camping videos, because you are just like me, first one up all the time. If they aren't up by 8:00 am, I start cooking the bacon, that usually does it. Thanks for sharing your trip, be well my friend, and have fun.

  3. $55 too high for me at some point not worth it. I have seen state campgrounds in fl for like $25 at great locations. Same area private camground like $80 plus private campgrounds priced out of market for us

  4. Kevin, thank you for the tour. You can look on line and see what amenities they offer, BUT nothing beats boots on the ground !! I live in Virginia and have never been to Virginia Beach.

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