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Still Corners – The Trip

Still Corners - The Trip

From “Strange Pleasures.”

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Art by Mr. Babies and Leaf and Petal Design:

Time has come to go
Pack your bags, hit the open road
Our hearts just won’t die
It’s the trip, keeps us alive
So many miles
So many miles
So many miles
They’re following some dance of light
Tearing into the night
Watching you fall asleep
The sweetest dove in a dream
So many miles
So many miles
So many miles

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  1. The person I love and I, found this indescribable song a year ago on a summer evening. It made us want to run away from everything once and for all, it made us feel even more in love with each other, it made us imagine escaping at dawn together, hitting the road on an endless trip. Now, a year later, I've found myself watching her slowly falling out of love, while my heart yearns for her more than ever.

  2. I'm not gonna write how bad is my life right now. I'm just gonna say that I find comfort in this beautiful song, and I'm glad I'm alive to listen to it. And i have an impression that this song is not for everybody, living in a world full of arrogant and selfish people who all they care is money and luxury stuff, and they forget to be happy for the small things in life. I want to imagine that all the people who listen to this treasure are thinking like I am. Let's make a club.

  3. "Maybe it meant something . maybe not , in the long run, but no explanation , no mix of words or music or memories can touch the sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and in the world. Whatever it meant " Hunter Thompson.
    Little did he know about this master piece that can awaken a feeling of existing in a world larger than our understanding , and surprisingly it brings me comfort.

  4. Such an outpouring of love and positivity bursting out of this comment section, it makes you hopeful, perhaps mankind isn't that bad after all. Anyway, this is a great place to stop and dream, listening to this dreamy tune, dream of trips that haven't started yet, friendships that haven't developed, loves that will thrive and conquer all, but above all, dream of people being nice to each other, no matter the race, the religion or absence of it, the sexual orientation, the background, the skin color, and the list goes on and on. If only we could listen to one another!

  5. Just stumbled upon this song 10 minutes ago and I’ve been liking every comment from this section. That’s AWESOME.

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