Space Travel Since : 10 Most Important Space Missions of 2019

Space Travel Since Video

Space Travel Since

10 Most Important Space Missions of 2019

10 Most Important Space Missions of 2019

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From moon bases to fake meteors, 2019 will have the most significant and unexpected space missions since 1969.

10 Space Missions in 2019 that will Define our Future
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  1. USA: There is nothing on the moon.
    Russia: Prepare the Terminator"Fedor" we can't trust country who lies its own people!

  2. 100,000 km/h is not fast at all in Interstellar terms. That's roughly 60,000 mph. The Parker Solar Probe travels 7 x faster than that at perihelion. Recheck your research and check back with us and see if you made an error in your speed for the Breakthrough Star Shot mission. Also, one of the strap on boosters failed at 02:42. India, if you want a seat at the high table of space governance, I suggest you make sure your solid fuel boosters are fully operational or it will be very hard to find customers to finance your excursions into orbit. 🤘

  3. haha haha very funny conspiracy guy this thing is not a space race this thing is the beginning multi planetary species

  4. A international Space agency. With India, Germany , China Ect. Is going to be a disaster . There's already so much space Debris in space as it is right now. & all there going to do is Cause a hell of alot more. As long as most of these countries trying to get into space go through proper channels like SPACE X or ULA Ect. Where everything will be done properly then maybe . Other absolutely NO

  5. how about they stop racing each other and just get along and help, fucking politcians and governments piss me off FFS

  6. If NASA budged wasn't cut by 90% after Cold War we would be on Mars already
    Imagine what if US government invested 500B dollars in space exploration instead of military

  7. i would fucking love to get off of earth, i only recently found my love for space a couple of months ago but it's so fascinating, the thought that there could be other planets like earth, the thought that there could be another species or even humans that started life on another planet like earth just as we started life on earth, i could go on for ages about all the fascinating things about space.

    my life goal is to go to mars, it's quite a big goal but the thought of stepping foot on another planet sounds amazing to me.

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